Food In Fashion: These Sandwich Sneakers Have Piqued The Internets Curiosity

What we wear is said to be an extension of who we are. Our fashion is not only defined by our personal tastes and preferences, but it is also an expression of our personality and our tastes. So, for example, if you’re a foodie, chances are you’d be intrigued by the food items on your t-shirts or bags. However, would you show your love for food to such an extent that even your clothes reflect it? In the latest news, a pair of sandwich-shaped sneakers have piqued the internet’s curiosity. Do not you believe it? Check it out for yourself:

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These sandwich sneakers are the latest offering from a famous American brand called Dolls Kill. Made from “man-made materials”, the one-of-a-kind shoes are priced at $ 98 or Rs. 7,329 / -. The sandwich is complete with peppers, onion, lettuce, tomato, and even olives on top!

“Current Mood Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers take a bite, take a bite! These new sandwich sneakers have a vegan leather structure, platform soles with vegetables and meat and adjustable lace-up closures with olive-shaped charms”, reads the product description on the official website.

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Sandwich has turned into an eccentric sneaker for this American brand.

Internet users were divided on seeing the bizarre sneakers that looked like sandwiches. Instagrammers have had all sorts of hilarious reactions to sneakers. “Where do you wear them,” asked the brand in the caption to which a sarcastic user replied, “The psychiatric ward, because that’s probably where my parents would send me if I started wearing them.” Others had no problem with the idea and seemed interested in trying to wear them. “I work on the subway and would wear them to go to work,” one said while another joked: “I wish you had a vegan version.”

Would you wear these interesting sandwich sneakers? Tell us what you think in the comments. These trainers aren’t the only quirky piece of clothing to have incorporated food. Last year, a French designer came up with a leaf bag that impressed Twitter users. Click here to find out more.

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