Find Out Which Dance Pop Contestants Make Jessalynn Siwa’s XOMG

OMG, it’s the final countdown on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution—That means we will finally know which competitor (s ?!) will join Jessalynn Siwa mega group of girls.

During an exclusive preview of the two-part season finale, airing Tuesday, December 28, Jessalynn provides feedback to the three protagonists of XOMG POP.

“The first thing I want to tell you is that tonight was phenomenal,” Jessalynn begins, as a daughter. JoJo Siwa agrees that the girls’ performance was “magical”.

Jessalynn continues, “As worried as I was about getting naughty girls and doing a ballad, it was pretty amazing. Dallas, Kinley And Tinie-T, please step forward. ”

Then Jessalynn provides individual feedback on the mini-star trio.

“Kinley, I think you are a phenomenal dancer, but we will have to work on your singing,” notes Jessalynn. “Tinie-T, you didn’t have a part tonight. I wish you did and I think your mom would have wanted you to too. You weren’t prepared this week, but what you did, you did well. When it was. your time to sing, you sang. You remind me a lot of JoJo in your half-full glass. That’s a nice trait to have. ”

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