Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana open winter previews

MILAN (AP) – Milan’s menswear designers seem to have decided the answer, but the question remains: have the pandemic lockdowns encouraged men to embrace a more feminine silhouette, including skirts, minidresses and coats?

Milan fashion week of previews for next winter and fall continued for the second day on Saturday, with guests enjoying the pandemic norm of social distancing versus previous cramped shoulder-to-shoulder seating. The calendar was streamlined after the omicron variant began its rise in Italy last month, but the fact that live shows moved on was a sign of optimism after the digital-only January 2021 Milan Fashion Week.

Impatient fans again crowded the sidewalks outside the shows, hoping for a glimpse of Italian rapper Mahmoud from Fendi, or Machine Gun Kelly and girlfriend Megan Fox from Dolce & Gabbana.

As a rule, men’s collections on the Milan runways this season have so far conservatively slammed the color palette, leaving the risk to the silhouette.

Milan fashion week:shows a scaling due to the omicron peak

Fendi’s collection for next fall and winter has been infused with the sartorial discipline and elegance of the fashion house, with some welcome eccentricities to lighten things up. They included a leather aviator cap in the style of a Moroccan fez.

The muted color palette in gray, black and ivory with flashes of red seemed to suggest the collection was as usual, but then Silvia Venturini Fendi launched some striking silhouettes, starting with a men’s Bermuda with the tailoring and flow of a skirt, worn with transparent knee-highs and a two-tone pointed toe Mary Jane with buckle.

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