Fed-up Flyers fans ready to bag the season

Say it isn't, Gritty.

Say it isn’t, Gritty.
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If you’re not a part of Twitter Flyers, well, consider yourself lucky. But did you miss Orange and Black fans having a completely normal Thursday as a movement to change PFPs to an unhappy fan wearing a bag on his head (just like the infamous days of New Orleans fans during the “Ain’t” era) went viral.

PhillyisFlyer’s blogger Anthony DiGrazio and his High & Wide Hockey partners kicked off the trend.

“It started out as a joke. (I’m) just very disappointed with the team. Some people changed their photos on Twitter and it literally took off.

“We even got the news from a source that many of the ex-Flyers loved it.”

#BroadStreetBag has started to set a trend. @ BeeTEE15 has created countless PhotoShop memes.

The Flyers are in the midst of a 10-game losing streak he’s seen Alain Vigneault and assistant coach Michel Therrien are fired. The losing streak continued under interim manager Mike Yeo, and the often bitterly divided fan base seems to have had enough. The anger is directed not just at the team and GM Chuck Fletcher, but at Comcast’s soulless corporate property.

“The problems were there before Mr. (Ed) Snider is dead (in 2016), but when he died, the spirit of this franchise died too, “DiGrazio said of the late Flyers. founder and owner. “The ‘standard Flyer’ seems to no longer exist.

“It’s not even the fact that the team is bad, but there is no connection with the fans or even with the former students,” added a dismayed DiGrazio.As we are learning, this is more than a silly joke. We have been Flyers fans for a lifetime and many subscribers that I know personally will not renew for next year until they see changes.


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