Favoritism Is Now Celebrated – Bill’s Message of the Day

Why are people reacting to President Biden using skin color as a prerequisite for nominating a Supreme Court Justice? Vice President Harris was nominated because of skin color and gender. And Biden himself is a promoter of “equity,” the philosophy that gives favor to American minorities.

So, no surprise on the Supreme Court.

The progressive left believes minority people, including undocumented foreign citizens, should be given “favor” by government.

President Biden apparently now subscribes to that favoritism, despite the fact that he didn’t in the past. What we have today, however, is a “woke” Joe Biden, even though he’s asleep on many important matters.

This is what Biden’s open border policy is all about. No restrictions on potential democrat voters.

But if a Ted Cruz clone sneaked across the border, he’d be deported immediately.

Favoritism did not used to be the American way. Superman can attest to that. But in Joe Biden’s sphere of influence, favoritism is celebrated.

And that’s the way it is, as Cronkite used to say.

Enjoy the weekend. New column Sunday noon.

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