FashionGo to Hold In-Person B2B Trade Event

B2B fashion marketplace FashionGo is launching an in-person wholesale trade event in Palm Springs, with another event slated for New York, according to a press release on Tuesday (Jan. 18).

The company hopes to bring its digital platform to life in 2022 and is planning further in-person commercial events in the future.

The Palm Springs event will take place May 3-5, and the release notes that the city originally hosted the first in-person wholesale clothing market 80 years ago.

“FashionGo Week Palm Springs will combine the creativity, rich experience and sense of community of the fashion markets in person with the convenience, speed and efficiency of FashionGo’s powerful technology and data-driven tools,” states the press release. .

Tom Nastos, who co-leads the FashionGo Events team along with Scott Chowan, said there would be “an experienced and licensed team of innovative creators and connectors who are passionate in their support of the fashion and lifestyle communities at wholesale “.

“Together, we are focused on creating a first-rate portfolio of special events, delivering new opportunities and solutions that fit all of our customers,” continued Nastos, according to the release.

Both Nastos and Chowan have experience in fashion shows, and the report notes that companies will be able to use digital tools and other innovations to support business growth beyond live events.

FashionGo recently launched plans to debut an automated payments service this year. Its intent, according to PYMNTS, is to help retailers improve order processing and order fulfillment. The service, called FashionGo Dropshipping, integrates with users’ Shopify stores and will be free for all new and registered buyers.

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It is expected to launch this month and will include US suppliers with inventory on hand, who are also ready for processing and shipping within a week.

Paul Lee, president of FashionGo, NHN Global, said the service “will provide buyers and sellers large and small [with] new opportunities in a fast growing retail sector ”.



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