Fashion items you need to nail the alté vibe

Alté is not just fashion. It is a lifestyle of those who have chosen not to conform to ‘normality’. As we all know, normalcy is boring. Alté is evident in the fashion industry, the music industry and the art scenes. Tallists love to express themselves unapologetically, pay attention to detail, and always have that jolt of strangeness in them. They are mainly found on the island and in truly exclusive parts of the Lagos mainland.

Alté fashion has a mix of vintage or retro and edgy style. From always retro accessories to fun hairstyles and, at times, to gothic makeup, alté fashion is different from the norm. Here are some fashion items you need to nail the alté aesthetic.

One thing about tall people is that they love to swim in their clothes. They live to be comfortable and loose fitting clothes like tracksuits, oversized shirts, big shorts are their favorite outfits. Baggy dresses give a carefree and cool look that is the whole essence of alternative fashion.

Fisherman hats give a simple, subtle, cool and mysterious look that tall people love.

These are great and give an aesthetic look to the wearer. They are unique and also very elegant.

Alteists love piercings. It gives a kind of mysterious look. Piercings are done in the strangest places.

Alternative fashion is responsible for the sudden resurgence of durags from the old days of Nollywood.

Another necessary fashion item for a high-quality atmosphere are colored, sometimes cross-eyed and sometimes strangely large eyeglasses.

These are small pouches on a belt usually worn around the waist.

There is no specific way to dress and look high because the whole subculture is all about creativity. One rule is that everything is fine, as long as you know how to wear them.

Some famous artists are Ashley Okolie, Santi, Wavy The Creator, Amaarae, Lady Donli.

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