Fashion Influencer Kerwin Frost Unveils the ‘Official Uniform of Snacking’

What happens when a creative powerhouse is unleashed on a popular and well-known grocery chain? Get a collaboration that results in the creation of the ‘official snack kit’.

Everyone’s favorite retail giant, 7-Eleven, Inc., has partnered with fashion influencer, entertainer, DJ, talk show host, comedian and designer Kerwin Frost, to create an exclusive limited edition outfit designed exclusively for snackers.

Kerwin Frost

Aptly named “Kerwin’s Snack Attack Uniform”, the ensemble includes a jacket, pants and t-shirt complete with 18 total pockets, custom designed to hold Kerwin’s favorite 7-Select ™ snacks and drinks.

Kerwin Frost

Available in two trendy colors – pink and green – the characteristics of the collection by Kerwin Snack Attack Jacket, Snack Attack Pants And Glitter Attack Snack Tee. In addition to the elegant ‘snack-statement’, Kerwin’s uniform comes complete with his favorite 7-Select ™ snacks and drinks. This limited edition collection is available for $ 280 exclusively on

Kerwin Frost

“I am really excited to be working with 7-Eleven and I appreciate the creative freedom they have given me. I absolutely love the “kit” we created and am thrilled to wear it regularly and keep all my 7-Select ™ snacks in it. “- Brina

But don’t linger in the snack aisle for too long. Only 500 of Kerwin’s Snack Attack uniforms are available to the public, so it’s a first come, first served, get them while they’re hot. Buy now before they run out:

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