Fashion designers gear up to face Omicron impact on their business

With an increase in cases of Omicron, a variant of the Coronavirus, India has taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. To ensure that business and its people are in safe hands, fashion industry experts are also taking safety measures in their workspaces. In the wake of the situation, the designers talk about the precautionary measures they are following and how they prepare if a blockade is announced. Here’s what they have to say.

Sarika Kakrania from Sarika’s Pink City

Covid has changed our work style and we are following it forever to ensure the safety of our team, our artisans, our customers and everyone’s families. We meet our clients strictly by appointment and request our clients’ vaccination certificate while we make an appointment. The appointments are always spaced to avoid multiple clients being in our studio at the same time. Sanitation at the entrance and the use of masks are not negotiable to ensure everyone’s safety. We vaccinated our entire team, including our craftsmen. We still work remotely with much of our team so they can work from the safety of their workshops and homes and get out as little as necessary. We are prepared for our best possible capability as our business module has transformed dramatically over the past 2 years just like many other businesses. Most of our business has moved online. So even if there is a block; customers wishing to shop can place their orders online; we can also process those orders with our teams working remotely. Business is very important for everyone to navigate these difficult times, but security cannot and must not be compromised in the event that the Omicron variant becomes widespread.

Sana Barreja

We have ensured that staff and factory labor are fully vaccinated with both doses. It is mandatory to wear a mask and to continuously sanitize the establishment. We have also created mask and sanitation stations in different parts of the workplace and we always maintain social distancing. Like any other business, we hope that things are normal and that there is no lockout, but in the event of a lockout like last time our top priority would be the safety of all our employees.

Panwar Salons of Gulabo Jaipur

Ensuring security measures at our factory and shop was the first step. From all those who use disinfectant, from washing their hands to wearing safety gloves, our staff adhere to safety measures, to ensure the well-being of our customers. During order packing and customer care, our staff wear masks. We booked slots for each of our staff members so they could be fully vaccinated. Security must be guaranteed at zero level. God forbid, if there is a blockage, this time we are prepared for it, whether it is to take care of staff financially or to donate care packages that need them most, we will take every essential step necessary to take care of ourselves. and people around us.

Abhinav Gupta and Esha Bhambri from House of Fett

Knowing the current situation and going through the COVID19 pandemic, the brand understands the importance of taking precautions as a matter of priority. It is mandatory that all pieces go through a sanitization phase which includes dry cleaning and further packaging in a separate room where the use of gloves and hourly sanitation of the room is mandatory. The pieces are then kept aside for 24 hours and then shipped to the customer. Taking into account the pandemic situation, it is important to start taking precautions early for the Omicron variant. Security measures for the same are followed in all of our stores as it is just as important to us to provide a healthy and safe shopping experience to the customer. The test rooms are sanitized with a nebulizer containing disinfectant after each test. House of Fett has emerged beautifully from the previous Covid19 pandemic despite not being prepared. However, should we go through a blockade again, the team is totally ready to face and satisfy the situation to the best of its ability. The brand does not build huge inventory and believes in increasing inventory as sales increase. This reduces the risk of stocking up in the event of a lockdown. We are grateful that we have a clientele that we can trust to keep us going through all our ups and downs.


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