Fashion designer sues Lego over leather jacket worn by toy Antoni on ‘Queer Eye’ set

Written by Toyin Owoseje, CNN

Lego has been sued for a tiny black jacket worn by a figurine in a “Queer Eye” toy set released last year that depicts the original Atlanta loft featured on the hit Netflix show.

Designer James Concannon, whose clothes are often worn by Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski, filed a lawsuit against the Danish toy company in a Connecticut district court in December. According to the complaint, obtained by CNN, Concannon claims that in 2018 he created a custom leather jacket with his “propaganda-infused aesthetic signature” for Porowski, having already had several of his designs appearing in “Queer Eye” since 2017.

The New York designer, who is seeking damages, accused Lego of making a “cheeky copy” of the jacket without his permission.

A comparison between Concannon’s leather jacket and the Lego figurine included in a copy of the complaint. Credit: United States District Court of Connecticut

Concannon states that while the show’s production team had always authorized the use of his designs, Netflix would not have contacted him asking for permission to use the jacket in a 2019 episode of the show. Concannon says he thought it was an oversight at the time and didn’t address the issue until the toy set (sold as “Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft”) was released in September 2021.

A side-by-side comparison between the leather jacket created by Concannon and the Lego toy figurine shows similarities such as a peace sign on the left lapel and a skull design on the right side of the chest.

Concannon states that Lego did not seek permission from the designer to use “the unique placement, coordination and arrangement of individual art elements” on his original creation for the figurine’s jacket and did not compensate him for his work.

Lego did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

He goes on to say that Lego “took advantage of the Concannon jacket during aggressive marketing of the” Fab 5 Loft “set and also created animated versions of the jacket.

Concannon claims to have designed the leather jacket for Porowski in 2018.

Concannon claims to have designed the leather jacket for Porowski in 2018. Credit: Christopher Smith / Netflix

The lawsuit further adds that a Lego customer service representative allegedly offered Concannon “a free Fab 5 Loft set – which retails for $ 99.99 – for his six-year-old son to play”, only for the company that in later withdrew that offer, saying “Lego does not give away its products for free”.

Concannon seeks compensation for damages for intentional violation.

Lego has been producing branded sets for adult collectors for years. In addition to the popular “Star Wars” series, fans can also purchase sets from their favorite movies and shows including “Friends”, “Seinfeld,” Home Alone “and” Harry Potter “.

The sixth season of “Queer Eye” premiered on Netflix on December 31st.


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