Fashion and music to kick off Black History Month


To kick off Black History Month, local designer Andre Dubois and musician Shaadie share the word to showcase the different trends in fashion and music. Dubois owns his own clothing line called Gershon while also being a fashion designer. The brand logo is an elephant that represents strength and intelligence.

Fashion has no borders or limits. “Take the chance and know your size,” Dubois said. Dubois offers a personal shopping experience for its customers. He shops for anyone on any budget. No matter what your size is, there is always a way to make you feel more confident.

Dubois dresses Shaadie with a casual but also elegant fit that can be worn on various occasions. Dubois plays with the combination of different materials and textures to elevate her look. “When you feel good you feel good,” said Shaadie. And that’s exactly how she felt in this look.

Learning to dress can be intimidating as well as a learning curve. If you or a friend want to learn more ways to elevate your style, follow Dubois on Instagram @ratheruniquestyle where you can send them a message to connect. Dubois and Shaadie will also be at the Utah Black Business Expo to be held on February 26 at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

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SLUG Style: André DuBois

Shaadie performed a song called “We Don’t Know” as a tribute to kick off Black History Month. It can be found on all streaming platforms by searching for “SHADIE”.


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