Fact or Fiction: TreVonte’ Citizen will re-commit to LSU

Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam gorney and national recruiting analysts Sam Spiegelman And Adam Friedman with Blayne Gilmer of UGASports.com address three topics and determine whether they believe each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. North Carolina is the biggest surprise in the 2022 team rankings right now.

The taking of Gorney: DONE. Almost every single thing went well for the Tar Heels in the early signing period and for the manager Mack Brown he admitted he didn’t have to worry about anyone tipping over late, he was so confident about his boys. North Carolina has two five-star stars in OL Zach Rice and DT Travis Shaw and that’s more than Alabama, Texas, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Michigan. North Carolina has also beaten Clemson numerous times for best prospects and the Tar Heels have loaded on both sides of the scrimmage line. There have been other surprises, good and bad, but North Carolina’s dominance is what stands out the most.

Friedman’s opinion: SCIENCE FICTION. The fact that Tar Heels are in the top 10 of the team rankings is a little surprising, but in July if you told me that LSU, Clemson and Florida would be ranked that low, I would have been shocked. LSU is only two years away from a national championship and has one of the best teams we’ve ever seen. Clemson had a number of major engagements that have since signed elsewhere. Florida looked like a hot team in the wake of recruiting coming from a good summer. Now two of these teams have new coaches and the other has had to replace both coordinators. The fact that these three big brands in sports are recruiting so badly this year is more surprising to me than North Carolina’s good recruiting.



2. TreVonte ‘Citizen is practically a block to be re-committed to LSU.

TreVonte ‘Citizen (Chad Simmons / Rivals.com)

The taking of Gorney: SCIENCE FICTION. My bet is that the Citizen of TreVonte commits himself to LSU again. But it’s not a complete block. Auburn is having a run against him, the new Florida coaching staff have made him a big priority and others may be joining the mix in the last few weeks as well. LSU is in a good position with the manager Brian Kelly and his staff work hard on Citizen, but it could still end up elsewhere.

Spiegelman’s interpretation: SCIENCE FICTION. LSU needs a running back and Citizen has already received visits from Kelly, but the competition is fierce. Auburn ran a run in Louisiana and has Citizen in mind. Ole Miss and Florida are other SEC teams lurking and Citizen has a longstanding bond with Jabbar Juluke And Billy Napier in Florida. LSU is among the favorites, but is still far from the finish line.



3. There is still a real threat that Christen Miller will leave the state of Georgia to play college football.

Christen Miller

Christen Miller (Rivals.com)

The taking of Gorney: DONE. There is a very good chance that Christen Miller will end up in the Georgia class. He’s close to Mykel Williams (the two nearly engaged together with USC at one point) and the Bulldogs are still doing strong after Ellenwood (Ga.) Four-star DL Cedar Grove. But Miller had numerous opportunities to end it and decided not to. Ohio State is a very real player in his recruiting and Florida is said to be really having a serious run against him too. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Miller ended up in Georgia and played a little bit of the recruiting game. But there may also be a surprise in store.

Gilmer’s take: DONE. The longer a state perspective with a binding offer from a state school remains without commitment, the more real the chances of going elsewhere become. Ohio State is 100 percent making this race a race with Miller. Given the relationships Miller has with staff and in the 2022 class for Georgia, I’d still give the Dawgs an edge. Clever Kirby has yet to use his home visit e Ryan Day has already.



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