Fact or Fiction: Georgia is starting to take a lead for Arch Manning

Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam gorney and national recruiting analyst Sam Spiegelman with Blair Sanderson by HawkeyeReport.com e Josh McCuistion by SoonerScoop.com address three topics and determine whether they believe each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. Oklahoma is now the clear leader for four star RB Jovantae Barnes.

Jovantae Barnes

The taking of Gorney: DONE. From what I’ve been told, Oklahoma remains in great shape with the four-star return from Las Vegas (Nev.) Desert Pines. Much of the credit goes to the position coach De Marco Murray for continuing to recruit Jovantae Barnes hard through a coaching transition and a lot of uncertainty. USC is right there too and I am told that the state of Florida is closer than many people think. If I had to choose now, it would be the Sooners.

McCuistion’s take: DONE. Oklahoma definitely had to put up with some serious punches, most notably from USC, who made a big late run thanks to Lincoln Rileymoves to the west coast. However, it wasn’t Riley’s relationship that was the focus for the Sooners. He was that of the Oklahoma running back coach, and fellow from Las Vegas, De Marco Murray. The Sooners keeping Murray, beyond the multiple Trojan openings, is a huge win for the program and will be the key piece if Oklahoma closes the deal with Barnes.

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2. Georgia is starting to take a slight lead in the 2023 five-star QB Arch Manning.

Arch Manning

Arch Manning (Rivals.com)

The taking of Gorney: SCIENCE FICTION. I’m not entirely sure it’s an open race, but I’m not buying all the Georgia hype yet. I would argue that Alabama and Georgia may be separating a bit, but this is coming from third party sources and not directly from the family. Once all the coaches are in place and the five-star quarterback has a chance to settle in and focus, Georgia could definitely emerge as a favorite. But I don’t think there is anyone yet.

Spiegelman’s interpretation: SCIENCE FICTION. There has been no indication that any team has been in the lead for Manning since his fall visiting round. According to those in the know, the Mannings will take a closer look at the teams after this coaching carousel concludes. For now, it appears that no team has separated from the pack and it is still an open race towards the offseason.



3. It’s nearly a block that five-star 2023 OT Kadyn Proctor will follow teammate Xavier Nwankpa to Iowa.

Kadyn Proctor

Kadyn Proctor (Rivals.com)

The taking of Gorney: SCIENCE FICTION. There is no question that having teammate Xavier Nwankpa choosing Iowa helps Hawkeyes with Kadyn Proctor. And anyway, the home state team has always been one of Proctor’s favorites. Iowa is in great shape, but I don’t think it’s a lockdown that Proctor ends up in Hawkeye as the state of Ohio, Notre Dame, and a SEC program group are also involved. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Proctor ended up in Iowa. But others haven’t gotten out of it yet.

Sanderson’s take: DONE. I don’t like the term lock because surely Proctor is his person and will make his decision in due course. But I’ve always felt that Iowa’s chances are very good there, even more so than we did with Nwankpa. So Hawkeyes landing only on one teammate continue to build momentum with the other and now have an additional recruiter on their side as well.


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