Fact or Fiction: Florida is the leader for Trevor Etienne

Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam Gorney and national recruiting analysts Adam Friedman And Sam Spiegelman address three topics and determine if they believe each statement is FACT or FACT.

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1. Florida are the team to beat for four star Trevor Etienne APB.

The taking of Gorney: DONE. It would make sense if he stayed home and played LSU or if he went to Clemson and followed his brother’s success there, but it looks like Florida are the favorite now and they might be hard to beat. His relationship with the coach Billy Napier and that staff will play a big role and it doesn’t hurt that his brother, Travis, plays the way for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Florida is my choice here.

Spiegelman’s interpretation: DONE. It’s a three-team match for Rivals100 RB Trevor Etienne, who reveals his decision during Saturday’s All-American Bowl. Florida has strong motivation as Etienne’s leader given his familiarity and long-standing bond with the new Gators manager Billy Napier and running back coach Jabbar July, which courted the four-star in Louisiana. Clemson has unrivaled family ties and CJ Spiller has been called upon to let Etienne into the fold. LSU is working hard to catch up, but I like the Florida situation towards decision day.



2. Travis Shaw is still the second best defensive tackle in the 2022 class.

Travis Shaw (left)

Travis Shaw (left)

Gorney’s take: DONE. We shouldn’t overreact for more than a week to an event. I could completely agree that Walter Nolen and Bear Alexander are the two best defensive tackles in this class. But Travis Shaw is still a very special prospect who is actually bigger than Nolen or Alexander. Of those three, Shaw was the least effective during Under Armor week, but I still think over time he could be exceptional in North Carolina. Nolen and Alexander should be great too, but Shaw will be right in the mix too. Having him as the second best defensive tackle in the class isn’t out of reach.

Friedman’s version: FICTION. Shaw wasn’t 100% at the Under Armor All-America Game and training. The North Carolina signer only played a few games this fall after injuring his shoulder while winning a state championship in the spring. Even in Orlando he was not in top form. The other two five-star defensive tackles, Nolen and Alexander, proved dominant throughout the week. I still think Shaw has the highest roof in the bunch, but he also has some work to do before he’s ready to be a regular contributor to Chapel Hill. Once fully healthy and fit, he may turn out to be the best of the bunch.



3. The Citizen of Trevonte ‘could still end up in the LSU recruiting bracket.

Gorney’s version: FICTION. It might be a complete smokescreen, but Citizen is drastically downplaying its interest in LSU and even told me Tuesday that it needs to get to know the new coaching staff before seriously considering the Tigers. The word “lukewarm” has been used when talking about LSU. The good news is that the new Tigers staff have weeks to convince the citizen that staying home is best and that many of the best guys in the state can help recruit them too. But Auburn, Miami and others are pushing very hard. He may be trying to evade his interest in LSU, but it doesn’t look like the Tigers are on top.

Spiegelman’s view: DONE. Rivals100 RB TreVonte ‘Citizen downplayed his interest in the Tigers in the state all week in San Antonio. Florida, Auburn, and Ole Miss are other threats to the four-star running back, who has been busy with LSU at one point. Franco Wilson has a strong relationship with the citizen dating back to his days as McNeese State’s head coach and with the extra time until February, he tries to get the Tigers to close strong with the # back. 1 of the state.


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