Fact or Fiction: Devon Campbell should be ranked as 2022’s top OL

Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam gorney and national recruiting analysts Adam Friedman And Ryan Wright address three topics and determine if they believe each statement is FACT or FACT.


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1. Devon Campbell should be ranked as the best offensive lineman in the 2022 class.

Devon Campbell

Gorney’s take: DONE. A lot will be determined after All-American Bowl week and also seeing all those better prospects, but right now I’d say Campbell has established himself as the best offensive lineman in the country. I’ve looked back over a decade to see how many times an inside offensive lineman has been at the top of the standings in those positions and that’s been more than I thought so, it’s not a must that an offensive tackle has to be at the top. Campbell has been absolutely dominant all week at Under Armor, he can move outside if needed and his power and engine stand out more. Especially in a year where no offensive odds have declared the case a clear No. 1, Campbell makes a lot of sense.

Friedman’s Opinion: DONE. I may be a little late to the party but, after seeing Campbell in Orlando last week, I am proclaiming myself as the leader of the Devon Campbell fan club. The guard is one of the most technically solid linesmen I’ve ever seen in this cycle, he’s as strong as he comes and plays with the aggression you look for in an offensive elite lineman. I’m thrilled to hear how well offensive linemen are doing in San Antonio this week, but as things stand right now Campbell has my vote as the best OL in class.


2. Will Johnson is the best five-star cornerback after his week at Under Armor.

Will Johnson

Will Johnson

Gorney’s take: DONE. Cornerback is one of the positions in the 2022 class that definitely doesn’t have someone stuck in first place, and after Johnson’s performance all week at Under Armor he could definitely move up to first place. The Michigan signer is an inch taller than the three to five stars ahead of him, has been outstanding in coverage all week and has a phenomenal feel for the position. I really wish Jackson was back from his knee injury tomorrow because the USC signer is so dynamic in the position, but Johnson made the most important statement and could go up fast.

Wright’s Opinion: DONE. The Under Armor celebrations were to feature the nation’s leaders: Travis Hunter, Jaheim Singletary, Denver Harris, Domani Jackson and Will Johnson, all five-star talents. Singletary was unable to attend due to COVID-related issues, Jackson was a scratch rehabilitating his knee, and Harris was a belated addition to the practices, allowing for fewer evaluation opportunities. During the four days of training and during Sunday’s national televised game, Hunter and Johnson showed why they are five-star. Both players are great, extremely athletic, and play well-rounded games. The small advantage Johnson has over Hunter is size and strength. Johnson’s force delays releases and moves the receivers out of their way. Fighting for position when the ball is in the air, Johnson has around 20 pounds on Hunter, allowing him to train on larger receivers.



3. Chris Marshall is one of the top five receivers in the 2022 class.

Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall

Gorney’s take: DONE. This will be close during the final leaderboard meetings, but there is definitely an argument for putting Marshall in the top five in his position. It will be tight because there are a lot of talented receivers in this class, but the Texas A&M signer should be in the conversation. He had great performances all week in training using his length, astonishing speed and directing ability to outshine cornerbacks. Its longitude on the outside is really special and while it’s hard to say it’s a block for the top five, Marshall will be in the conversation.

Friedman’s version: FICTION. For my money, Marshall is one of the top 10 receivers in this class. He has all the tools to be a great receiver for Texas A&M, and has no problem opening up against elite defensive full backs, but I’m not as sure he’s dynamic on the open court as some of the other receivers in this class. We haven’t seen much of this aspect of his game last week. However, I expect Marshall to create a lot of great plays by taking the ball down the field and taking huge holds in the center of defense during his college career.


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