Fact or Fiction: Cincinnati can stay within two TDs of Alabama

1. The Bearcats may remain within two touchdowns of the Crimson Tide.

Desmond Ridder (AP images)

Farrell’s version: FICTION. Alabama are a two touchdown favorite against Cincinnati, and I wouldn’t be quick enough to get the Bearcats into cover. How come? The Cincinnati offensive line will have a lot of trouble handling Will Anderson and teammates and keeping Desmond Ridder on his feet.

The Bearcats will need to establish the run and make this a moment of possession play, but it’s not easy with Alabama so it will likely depend on Ridder and his ability to pitch. And I don’t think he will have time for an explosive victory in Alabama.


2. Georgia can handle Michigan racing attack.

Giordano Davis

Jordan Davis (AP images)

Farrell’s Opinion: DONE. This is the thrilling playoff match for me: the Michigan offensive line, which has imposed its will against teams throughout the season, against the Georgia front loaded with future NFL stars. And I think Georgia wins this battle. Jordan Davis takes up too much space and too many blocks and the depth of the Georgia front is infinite. So fresh bodies will go in and out all the time. But does that mean UGA will win the game?


3. We will see a match for the national All-SEC title.

Farrell’s Opinion: DONE. I’d really like to see a Cincinnati-Michigan national title game, just for something different, but that’s not going to happen. Alabama wins in rout and Georgia ends Michigan bout and wins in low-scoring deal to arrange a rematch of the SEC title match and 2018 national title battle.

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