Fact or Fiction: Bryce Young will win the Heisman next season

In today’s national columnist of Fact or Fiction Mike Farrell examines three recent big topics in college football and decides if each statement is really DONE or if it’s FICTION.

1. Defensive coaches are now the priority for head coaching research.

Brent Venables (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s version: FICTION. This is just an anomaly, folks. Coaches like Brent Venables, Dan Lanning, Brent Pry, Joey McGuire And Marcus Freeman they will always be hot commodities and it looks like we have had more defensive hires in this coaching carousel than before, but a year is not trending. Offense is still the way to win in college football and next year and beyond we will see more and more attacking coaches have their chances.


2. Bryce Young will win Heisman next season.

Bryce Young

Bryce Young (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s Opinion: DONE. Why not? Bryce Young is the quarterback of the biggest college football brand and the best coach we’ve ever seen. And this was his learning curve season. With another year before Young can turn pro, it’s almost unfair to everyone else for next season’s race.

Of course we have already seen the rise and fall of Heisman candidates, but this is not Spencer Rattler’s situation. Young will win it again, with perhaps CJ Stroud representing his biggest competition or his teammate in Will Anderson.



3. Manny Diaz will be successful at Penn State.

Manny Diaz

Manny Diaz (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s Opinion: DONE. It is an interesting rental from James Franklin as Manny Diaz He has a very good defensive mind, but Diaz will be in control after his unsuccessful run in Miami. Penn State’s defense has been very solid underneath Brent Pry in recent years and Diaz has great shoes to fill.

The focus of the Penn State fan base will still be on offense, but if the defense takes a step back, they will be up in arms. Fortunately for them, I don’t think that’s going to happen.


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