Expert Solicits More Support for Art, Fashion Studies

Greensprings School art and design teacher Anthony Campus Ms. Anuoluwapo Adeyemi has invited multiple schools across the country to promote art and fashion studies.

Speaking recently at a fashion show organized by the school’s students, Adeyemi said organizing art exhibitions and fashion shows could support the growth of a generation that would take art and fashion to the next level.

He said the school recently held its 2021 fashion show, titled “The New Normal: #MixedMediaExpression, and based on the theme, students showed off six clothing lines that brilliantly incorporated masks into their designs.

“Through the guidance of the teachers, our promising clothing liners drew their designs, bought the fabrics, made the clothes and managed the other students who modeled the designs,” said Adeyemi.

She described the show as a success because it showed students that they can also express their creativity by organizing massive fashion shows like the one they see on TV.

“From the performance of our students during the show, it is obvious that Nigeria is blessed with many young talent and I believe that our art and fashion industry will receive more global recognition in the years to come, especially if more schools pay more attention. to creatively teaching the subject, as well as organizing art exhibitions and fashion shows, “he added.

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