Everyone is sick and tired of the Bucs’ Antonio Brown

Oh, you're still here, huh?

Oh, you’re still here, huh?
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In the NFL, talent gets the better of everything.

It’s the one place where race isn’t a factor, as we’ve seen men of all colors get away with anything if they’re good enough, unless you kneel in hopes that the police will stop killing blacks.

But, outside of pushing America to be better, violence against women, DUI manslaughter, misogyny, hatred of blacks and gays, breaking health and safety protocols, taking kicking your kicker and lying about your vaccination status are all allowed.

And then there is the case of Antonio Brown, the super talented wide receiver for the buccaneers who is more likely to disappoint the few people who still believe in him than the Dallas Cowboys.

I will spare you the report of all the things Brown has done in the past because you can’t possibly be on this site on a day like this and not fully aware of how grueling Brown’s antics have been in recent years. There’s a reason he’s been on his fourth team since 2018.

“Next question. Next question,” Brown said when ESPN’s Jenna Laine asked how Bucs manager Bruce Arians disavowed his initial claims that Brown would go if his antics continued when the team signed him. for the first time. That was not the case, as Arians decided to keep him on the roster because he is in the “best interest of the team”.

“We just want to talk about this game. We don’t want to waste time with you guys writing fakes… ”Brown said.

Brown then said things like:

“You are all a tragedy. It’s about football. We’ll talk about Carolina or I don’t want to talk to you. “

“I’m just here to do my job, man. I can’t control what people write, how people try to frame me or bring me down. “

“That’s a lot of drama you guys create, a lot of drama created by people who want things from me. This is just a part of life, a part of being in the position that I am in. I can’t control what people want from me, I can’t control what people write about me, I can’t control what people say about me. “

Brown avoids accountability better than corporate America when it’s time to act on their diversity commitments from the summer of 2020.

This season, Brown has been limited to just six games, as he has 39 tricks, 519 yards and 4 touchdowns. And with the losing Bucs Chris Godwin for the year, Leonard Fournette for the regular season, e Mike Evans for the moment, everything indicates that Brown could be a focal point for Tampa Bay along the stretch.

Tom Brady – why Brown is in Tampa Bay in the first place – once said, “AB became like a brother to me. ” Someone should remind Brady that family is a choice. But, unfortunately, it looks like the Bucs – and the NFL – won’t outdo Brown until Brady is.

Antonio Brown’s skills are the only reason he’s still employed because God knows he’s committed more offenses than he can shoot. We’re just waiting for someone to give him his well-deserved walking cards.


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