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After two years of dressing in our hoodies and sweatshirts, creative directors Dean and Dan Caten are returning to the runway this season in an effort to connect with Mother Nature for our re-emergence into the world and dress for it.

Entitled “# D2Hi_King”, the show was a play on multi-layered shipping apparel. Layers upon layers of contrasting fabrics such as duvets, velvet blazers, sequin-covered pullovers and comfy blanket-style ponchos were worn with a variety of functional accessories: colorful harnesses worn as suspenders, Dsquared2-branded metal water bottles, carabiners dangling from your pants and, of course, a Dsquared2 teddy bear to cuddle with while camping. Elsewhere, functional hiking boots with colorful laces, furry ankle boots, Duck Boots and fringed moccasins take the traditional category of all-season footwear to a whole new level.

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Let’s face it, mixing patterns and prints isn’t the easiest task, however the collection juxtaposes contrasting bold prints, patterns and colors in an eye-catching way that makes contrasting fabrics become a big trend in 2022. This layering method recalls the Bohemian fashion trends that permeated the 60s and 70s as they blend with this generation’s love for streetwear-inspired utilitarian pieces. The collection is also inspired by the current trend “Gorpcore”, named after the colloquial term for mix of tracks (“Good Ol ‘Raisins and Peanuts”), which focuses on outdoor-inspired pieces that are as trendy as they are functional. Whether you’re camping outdoors or in your apartment, Dsquared2 brings the outdoors in style this season.

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