Etéreo Vintage: Elegance, Time-Travel, and Fashion Combined

Founded by designer and curator Zabrina Estrada, Etéreo Vintage is a chic, sustainable and high fashion line for women, and from women, located in northern Brooklyn. Outerwear, tops, trousers, dresses and accessories: Etéreo Vintage “responds to the call of the modern woman”.

Photo courtesy of Vintage Stereo

Originally from Florida, Estrada has lived in New York for the past eight years, and now specifically, in Williamsburg. Before the pandemic, Estrada worked in the luxury fashion house business and during the pandemic she decided to follow her dreams of curating a sustainable womenswear brand.

“Born of a passion for restorative beauty, our curated selection of vintage clothing, showcasing turn-of-the-century pieces through the 1980s, is made from natural, sustainable fabrics that embrace the glamor that is gentle. We long for timeless moments, one of a kind between skin and nostalgic happiness, clothes and that glint in her eyes, bringing her back to her favorite cameo over time, with pure and elegant ease.

We dream of organic fantasy. We style to support, with joy “.

ethereal vintage

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Photo courtesy of Vintage Stereo

1. How do you manage your collection?

Etéreo is a paradise for turn-of-the-century garments and special design pieces. We seek to curate a timeless wardrobe for the woman who has an old world sensibility for her, embracing a glamor that is gentle.

2. How can people visit you?

To make an appointment to visit our showroom, we can be reached at info@Eté We also have an online shop where we offer a selection of parts, www.Eté

3. What would you like the neighborhood to know about Etéreo Vintage?

We look forward to welcoming you to our happy place and connecting you with your next time traveling sweetheart.

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