ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit is going to blow a gasket over Caleb Williams’ decision to enter the transfer portal

Caleb Williams is doing what's right for him.

Caleb Williams is doing what’s right for him.
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Between the transfer portal, the NIL, and the evolution of athletes who realize they are the most important aspect of sport – which is a business – it begins to become quite clear where people position themselves on this issue. There is no question where Kirk Herbstreit’s loyalty lies – and not to the players.

Just a few days after Herbstreit – the best college football analyst in the country – said “I think this era of players just don’t love football,” all because a handful decided to do the smart thing by choosing not to play in. “nonsense bocce gamesOut of caution, Oklahoma freshman quarterback Caleb Williams vowed he’d be the most talked about player of the offseason after announcing he’ll be joining the transfer portal.

In case you didn’t pay attention to Oklahoma football last season, 2021 was a hell of a year for Williams. The highly recruited freshman showed up on campus expecting to take over in the future as he was behind Spencer Rattler – the man many thought would win Heisman in the preseason – in the depth ranking. But that all changed when Rattler was benched for Williams during the Oklahoma / Texas game. The Sooners were down 28-7 at the start of the Red River Shootout, which led to Williams taking over from Rattler. The freshman got 300 yards of total attack along with 3 touchdowns when Oklahoma returned to beating rival 55-48, while Williams became the Sooners’ starter for the remainder of the season. Things were going better than expected for the freshman. Well, that was until his head coach / quarterback guru – Lincoln Riley – left Oklahoma last month for USC.

And because Riley did what was best for himself and his family, Williams decided to do the same thing by going into the relocation portal to see what’s out there, as staying in Oklahoma is a possibility.

The hottest name on the transfer market is taking every call and listening to all offers during the NIL era to figure out what works best for him. You can’t just imagine that Herbstreit is somewhere inveighing on Williams and how unpaid college players – from their schools – should play exclusively “for the sake of the game.”

Herbstreit has found a way to put her foot in her mouth quite often over the past year. In August, he claimed college football needed a “Roger Goodell“, as if the NFL Commissioner wasn’t rotten to the core. A month earlier, he complained about Texas and Oklahoma announcing their decision to join the SEC, as he ridiculously put it:”It is about money. It is no longer a question of tradition. ”

This is America, Kirk. Everything is a question of money.

But the coup de grace came in 2020 when Herbstreit burst into crying crocodile tears as he said to the whites “we have to do betterIn the wake of all the racial and social unrest that occurred that year, as if he had to overcome racism every day.

Despite being the best at his job, Herbstreit is an imposter whenever he discusses something outside the scope of what’s going on between the lines on a football field. It is just another rumor that Caleb Williams should leave silent as he is determining the best decision for “Caleb Williams”. Besides, it’s not like Kirk Herbstreit is doing his job for “love”. His the contract with ESPN expires this year, and you can rest assured that his agent will get every dollar he can from Disney.


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