‘Emily in Paris’ Gets a Chic Fashion Upgrade in Season Two

This story contains details on the plot of Emily in Paris second season.

Much has been said about it Emily in Paristhe young marketing wizard, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins). But that critique of the wardrobe is it does not matter to the costume designer of the Netflix series, Marylin Fitoussi, and costume consultant, Patrizia Campo.

Fitoussi, who is French, knows very well that an expatriate Emily doesn’t dress like a Parisian. “The French … like simple things,” he says in a Zoom chat with Vanity Fair. “For them, if you are dressed in color and with a pattern, you are not chic at all”. She knows it firsthand: she wears both and has been called a “parrot” and a “clown” on the streets of Paris. For his part, Field doesn’t bother, saying via email, “From the reaction I’ve gotten from viewers, there’s tremendous interest and acceptance of the wardrobe.”

At first, Fitoussi actually took a more hands-on approach to clothing from Emily and the company. But when he put Emily’s nanny friend Mindy (Ashley Park), in “comfortable clothes with a pair of sneakers” last season, saw the showrunner Darren Star and Exchange of glances. Star wondered about the sneakers; Fitoussi explained that they were so Mindy could run after her allegations. “They said, ‘No, no, no, we’re doing a romantic comedy. So we don’t care about reality. And that [became] rule number one. “

Collins recently said Charm that Emily’s tailoring style has evolved a bit and Field agrees that the Chicago native is a little more sophisticated this season. But while she wears fewer layers in Season 2, the hats, gloves and a seemingly endless number of high-end bags remain. “The formula is a combination of old style, Midwestern, Parisian and Emily-optimistic, “explains Field, referring to the French word that the show translates to” basic “, a couturier of the Pierre Cadault label (Jean-Christophe Bouvet) slapped Emily last season. (Her co-workers Savoir were wilder, they called her rains– “the provincial.”)

Meanwhile, Camillo (Camille Razat) —Emily’s French friend and unwitting romantic rival to her neighbor chef, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) —And Emily’s upscale boss Sylvie (Philippines Leroy-Beaulieu), remain effortlessly chic in their monochromatic silhouettes and muted colors. This is especially clear in the Season 2 opening, when Emily struts in the office wearing a green, pink and turquoise ribbed Versace sweater; a vintage green geometric Mugler skirt; and an oversized green mini coat by Elie Saab. Camille, meanwhile, dons a simple black and white Balmain jacket and black Patou pants for their bout on Camille’s Champère campaign.

Throughout the series, Collins and Park, whose Mindy is now Emily’s roommate, while the zipper renegade heiress attempts to start a singing career, continue to be dressed in flamboyant outfits. At her backyard birthday party in episode three, Emily is perfectly soignée in a black mini dress with a bow by Rotate Birger Christensen (she later covers it in a colorful kimono), while Mindy dresses to impress in a sleeveless maxi dress. Oscar de la Renta chartreuse.

“I don’t buy things because it’s a brand [or] a logo, or it’s expensive, “explains Fitoussi.” I’m just painting a character. So if the pieces I find … help me build this character, okay, I [buy] it. Pat doesn’t care because she’s used to working on a higher budget. In France we don’t have such high budgets ”.

This season both clients wanted to support the designers who were a little under the radar. For Field, this meant a cry to Greek colleagues that he felt “they had not been exposed internationally and too publicized”. Emily wears Mary Katrantzou (color print dress) and Vassilis Zoulias (black, white and yellow oversized jacket) while shopping – and inadvertently shoplifting – with Petra, her French classmate, in episode four. (Emily’s black and white checkered fisherman’s hat with a dangling monkey gem comes from Field’s closet.) For Gabriel’s Chez Lavaux restaurant opening in episode six, Emily wears a fuchsia dress, also by Zoulias, and a jacket by Rianna + Nina (also the designer of the aforementioned birthday kimono).

While Fitoussi does not feel the “need to promote brands” [beyond] a certain [price] range, “he wanted to present lesser-known French labels. When Camille confronts Emily, the birthday girl, about sleeping with Gabriel, she wears a gray printed three-piece Coperni suit. The embroidered cream dress and jacket chain (the latter made from the uniform of a French judo champion) that Sylvie wears during the Bateaux-Mouches Valentine’s cruise in the fifth episode; Mindy’s off-the-shoulder gray dress and green cloak worn when she played on the street on a bridge with her new band in that same episode; and the tight orange dress that Mindy wears when her bandmate Etienne confronts her about being the “zippered princess of China” in episode seven, are all couture dresses made with clothes that have been discontinued by the non-profit fashion recycling project Renaissance.


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