Draymond Green and Karl-Anthony Towns beef over stat-padding comments

Draymond Green, never shy about saying what he thinks, went to Karl-Anthony Towns.

Draymond Green, never shy about saying what he thinks, went to Karl-Anthony Towns.
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During a recent Twitch interview with Adin Ross, Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns was asked about his opinion on Russell Westbrook and kept it 100. Towns and Ross were on the subject of chasing stats, and Towns, while praising Westbrook for being a great player, acknowledged that he plays to fill the stat sheet.

Of course, this clip has landed on Draymond Green’s desk, as it is currently posted at home due to the Covid-19 protocols. As expected, Green wasn’t a Towns fan airing Russ like this, but he didn’t necessarily disagree with KAT’s point.

Draymond’s argument is more about maintaining “brotherhood” among NBA players than anything else. It appears that Green is more interested in providing the media with the ammunition to pit a player against a player. I think that’s where Green’s disapproval of KAT’s comments comes in.

Although, to be honest, Draymond is basically a member of the media, in a way, with his podcast and everything else he has been doing in the sports media space in recent years. Let’s keep it real, every time Charles Barkley retires from TNT, Green could fit in as his replacement and not miss a beat.

After hearing Green’s criticism of his comments about Westbrook, KAT didn’t run away from the smoke, but instead welcomed him with open arms.

The Westbrook’s initial argumentat this point in the conversation it seems that the stuffing of statistics has been forgotten. Towns wasn’t knowingly trying to disparage Westbrook, but rather answering a question honestly. KAT is not wrong in what she said about Russ looking for statistics. We have been seeing this for five years now. Draymond didn’t like him saying it publicly, apparently. He’s “protecting” the fraternity, so to speak.

Green would rather keep these things within the family, one might say, although it’s pretty clear what Westbrook’s modus operandi has been throughout his career. It doesn’t take a current or former NBA player to see what Russ is talking about. Here’s what I’d like to find out from Draymond: Would you like to play on the same team as Westbrook? This is an absolutely valid question in this conversation.

I’m sure there won’t be much coming out of this online interaction, but you have to think this might give KAT some extra motivation next time Minnesota play at Golden State. The next fight will come in a couple of weeks when the Warriors visit T-Wolves on January 16th. I wouldn’t be surprised if Towns landed a triple double over the Warriors to take home his starting point.


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