Donald Trump has Called It Off – Bill’s Message of the Day

Perhaps paying attention to my analysis that a January 6 press conference was a giant trap, Donald Trump overruled it. There is no doubt that the media would have lured the former president and used whatever he said against him. So why do it?

President Biden must be disappointed. He couldn’t wait for the press to attack Trump for whatever he said and ignore him for a while. And that’s what would have happened.

I think Mr. Trump should make a written statement tomorrow with four short points.

1) That the revolt of January 6 was wrong and should never happen again.

2) That on January 5, the day before the uprising, he suggested sending 10,000 national guards to protect the Capitol and other buildings, but that proposal was ignored by the authorities responsible for the Capitol including Nancy Pelosi.

3) That the House panel investigating the revolt doesn’t care less about the Guard and other facts. He is in business solely to harm Trump.

4) That, given the opportunity for a makeover, President Trump should have warned his supporters of violence more quickly.

If Donald Trump does these things, his approval rating would rise by at least five points and crush the dishonest media and the House panel.

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