Did Luis Split From Wife No. 2? Details

Enjoying the single life? 90 days boyfriend alum Luis Mendez apparently confirmed rumors that he would split from his second wife after less than three years of marriage.

The TLC alum briefly went live on Instagram on Saturday, December 25, where she answered questions from fans as she celebrated Christmas. At one point, a follower asked about his wife.

“Yo no I keep exposed. Yo soy soltero, “Luis, 31, told fans in the since canceled live, which translates to” I don’t have a wife. I’m single. ”The Dominican Republic native also appeared not to be wearing a wedding ring in the deleted video.

Rumors of Luis’s separation from his second wife started to swirl when he made a shocking appearance in Discovery + ‘s season one. 90 days: The single life. His first ex-wife, Molly Hopkins, she had joined the show to document her new relationship with her boyfriend, Kelly Brown. During their tense segment, Molly, 46, claimed Luis and his second wife were no longer together.

Guest Shaun Robinson revealed that Luis decided to appear on the scoreboard to share his side of the story, since he never got a chance to do so after skipping season 3 90 day boyfriend: did they live happily ever after? say it all. Luis then opened up about what happened after his explosive fight with Molly, which led to their separation. Fans have seen their drama unfold in their season of Forever happy and content?

“OK, after he fired me [sic] outside his house, they kicked me out of the house, I went to my brother’s house in New Jersey, ”he said. Molly laughed at Luis’ account of their breakup, making it seem like it was the only breakup because Molly had thrown him out, due to the speed at which he moved.

“When the day came that our divorce papers were final, you said, ‘I need copies of that document to be able to get married,'” said the Georgia native. “So clearly, there was a good reason for the ‘shoot’.”

Luis replied: “So that’s a lie, yes?” “It’s not a lie,” Molly insisted. “You had a motive.”

“Try to say I’m a liar,” Luis replied. “Because something was going on,” Molly added. “I still don’t know what, but there was definitely something to be done. I mean, how are you leaving and three months later you’re getting married again. ‘


Luis continued to deny Molly’s claims. “This is a lie, ok,” he said. “You start spreading yourself, [you’re] full of [lies]. “

“Oh that’s okay. So you didn’t get married right after we divorced someone else, who you aren’t even with now, are you?” Molly replied. “Are you still married?”

After a moment of silence, Luis replied: “None of your business. It’s my business. “

Shaun asked Luis for his side of the story, which is when he claimed he got married “maybe nine months” after his separation from Molly and that he didn’t know his second wife when he was with Molly. He also denied that he cheated on Molly with his second wife.

Molly and Luis made their reality TV debut in season 5 of 90 days boyfriend. They married on July 20, 2017, but were already separated on January 5, 2018, after less than six months of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in May of the same year.

In October 2018, Luis sparked rumors that he had not only moved in with another woman, but had remarried and confirmed the rumors were true. “Yes, I got married. That was my wedding [on] September 19, “said Luis, 27, exclusively In contact at the time. “I love this girl so much. She is so amazing. “

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