Dapper fashion options for men to don this Christmas

Elegant fashion options for men to wear this Christmas

Main highlights

  • Christmas fashion is all about being cheerful with a pinch of elegance
  • Cashmere sweaters are perfect for guys of all ages
  • Turtlenecks have never gone out of style

Christmas is truly the time when you, men, can show off all kinds of looks. It is certainly a bit colder in the neighborhood which means that during those long summers you can wear the best cardigans, jackets, sweaters and dresses that have been put at the back of your closet.

Guys, it’s time to rethink your winter fashion. Gone are the days of wearing just an oversized sweater or a two-size smaller blazer (okay, your belly might have increased a bit, but still!) And strutting to any party nonchalantly. Look at the gorgeous dresses women are wearing, you have to at least be presentable next to them!

Naveen Mahlawat, MD, CEO, of fashion brand Madbow Ventures Ltd. shares her thoughts on what men should wear this Christmas. He says, “Christmas gatherings are all about having joy, dressing vibrantly and enjoying the electrifying aura, whether the theme is the final cocktails or three-course meals.”

He continues adding: “Suits like three-piece, Christmas sweater, Razzle Dazzle shirts with dark pants and stylish formal jackets are enough to break the line and shine. Why wait for Santa to be the jingle bearer and not make ourselves the epitome of the joy. With an increasingly exclusive world of fashion, men are experimenting with different cuts, fabrics and fabrics. “

According to Naveen, Christmas is like a fashion week as it comes with exciting outfits and believes it is best to be dressed up while sitting on the path of memory and send wishes to everyone with a cheerful smile.

Ashima Sharma, of Ashima S Couture, adds: “Legged jeans, oversized coats, furs are back for men, classic biker jackets, bombers. The basic minimalist formal look and bright colors are what men should go for this. Christmas”.

Here are some things men can sport this Christmas to look their best:

Cashmere sweater

Sure, it’s not cheap, but it’s versatile, subtle, and really stylish! They are perfect for guys of all ages and add a touch of elegance.

Leather jacket

You can’t go wrong with the leather jacket, give yourself that bad boy feeling (remember Grease?) And strut along the street in the stylish leather jacket. You can pair it with a t-shirt, t-shirt or even a hoodie.

sweet life

If someone tells you that turtlenecks are back, they should know they’re never gone. One of the most elegant casual garments for winter, it can be the perfect attire for a casual wine and cocktail evening or a poetry gathering.

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