Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones says head coach Mike McCarthy matters

Why does Jerry Jones think Mike McCarthy makes a difference?
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Jerry Jones must doze off during Cowboys games if he seriously takes Mike McCarthy as the “difference maker”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones keeps showing us who it is live on another planet with his recent comments on coach Mike McCarthy. During his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Jones called McCarthy an element that makes a difference to the team.

“It is he who makes the difference, and this must be recognized”, Jones said of McCarthy. “I’m really proud of him.”

Apparently, Jones is the only person in the sports world who doesn’t know McCarthy lied about watching every shot of the 2019 season and be all about analytics when the Cowboys hired him before the 2020 campaign. Jones must also have lost those games where McCarthy had problems with handling the watch.

Where exactly is McCarthy making such a big difference?

McCarthy’s calling card in Green Bay was to call plays. He should be one of the best players in the game. He’s not calling games now, and the offense has looked good for most of the season. The Dallas bout collapsed recently, but still has the second most TDs in the NFL with 54. Thanks, Washington Football Team.

When McCarthy was out of Covid cause a few weeks ago, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn (chosen by Jones, not McCarthy) stepped in, and not much has changed aside from the level of enthusiasm he brought to the sidelines. McCarthy feels more like a placeholder coach, just like Wade Phillips was in Dallas from 2007-2010. The worst kept secret in football was that Jason Garrett would be the next Cowboys head coach when he was ready, even if it should have been Sean Payton. But that’s a story for another time. It still appears that offensive coordinator Kellen Moore (another Jones pick) has been named the Cowboys’ next long-term head coach.

McCarthy was praised as an offensive genius as he coached the Packers up to that point began to fall apart. It’s easy to look like a genius when you’re able to train two QBs in the all-time top 10 one after the other. McCarthy should have won more Super Bowl than he won at Green Bay.

But McCarthy will have the opportunity to earn this new label that Jones slapped him in the playoffs. There will come a time in the postseason when McCarthy has to pull the trigger and make a quick decision that could decide a game. We’ll see what kind of difference it will make then.

I’m not getting Jones’s praise of McCarthy because we know it’s Jones. Jerry brought McCarthy and, after the first year, it seemed like a big mistake. Now that the team is winning with a chance to win the home advantage in the playoffs, it’s time for Jerry to honk his horn. You are not smart, Mr. Jones; you’re not fooling anyone.


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