Coventry United: Women’s Championship club in takeover talks to be saved from liquidation | Football News

Coventry United, the women’s league side, have been given hope of being saved from liquidation, with the chief executive of a Midlands-based energy company in talks to take over the club.

Last month, Coventry United announced that they have gone into voluntary liquidation, having only gone fully professional this season.

But Energy Angels boss Lewis Taylor is willing to invest between £ 200,000 and £ 250,000 to ensure he can finish this season and is confident the deal can be completed by Tuesday’s 11:59 pm deadline, with shareholders. who must approve his offer.

Taylor said Sky Sports News: “The deal is solely between us and existing shareholders, so we don’t rely on third parties to say we can or can’t do it.

“I guess the current shareholders are just happy that someone else is willing to take everything.

“The priority is to make sure everything is stable from tomorrow (Tuesday) and then if there are legal things that need to happen, we can focus on that in the background.

“We’re not doing it just to keep the team together this season. That’s the immediate concern, but I wouldn’t be here doing it if it were just for this season.

“There is potential to play WSL here, which should always be the goal.”

Coventry United manager Jay Bradford met with potential new buyer Lewis Taylor

Taylor revealed that he held virtual meetings on New Year’s Day with manager Jay Bradford and the club’s players to explain his takeover offer.

He said: “We have had a really positive response from the team.

“We will ensure that the situation is resolved very quickly and we will make the players pay to start and we will make sure to train on Wednesday morning.

“I want to bring everything back to December 22 when everything went well and reassure the players that they have the confidence to go and train, play and get results.”

Coventry are 11th in the 12-team league, with six points from 11 games.

Playing in their third season in the women’s second division, the club are expected to face Bristol City on Sunday.

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