Cool Things to Buy According to Vogue Editors

As Rowing editors, we often get poetic about the latest runway must-have e Home decor treasures, but not all of the items we gush out of on this site eventually end up in our closets and homes. Our findings are beautiful to look at – they are beautiful to look at and inspire fun conversation – however, of all these cool things to buy, what have we actually purchased? Each month we will highlight those special discoveries that our publishers have welcomed into their lives, all of which have made us buyers happy.

At the end of each year it is natural to reflect on the last 365 days. here at Rowing, we sadly take a moment to remember our absolute favorite purchases of the year. For some, 2021 represented an opportunity to improve our homes, with an architectural sofa for our living rooms or a mood-enhancing lamp for our bedrooms. Others have happily invested in timeless fashion pieces, like the Khaite e tote bag Rowinghis sweatshirts.

If you are looking for interesting things to buy, below you will find more details on the items for which we have gladly opened our wallets.

Virginia Smith, Global Head of Fashion

As an avid trouser connoisseur, I am well acquainted with a pair of wide leg trousers, and these are perfect. I’m considering buying a second pair.

Stella McCartney Mona flared trousers in houndstooth wool

Julie Tong, Senior Commerce Editor

My favorite purchase of the year is Khaite’s Amelia tote. It’s a bag I’ve been keeping my eyes on since 2019, ever since I saw the latest Khaite girl, Katie Holmes, with the one on her arm. It’s the perfect shape and size to carry all my items to the office or double as a travel bag. Timeless and elegant, it is a worthy investment and I intend to carry on for many years to come.

Image may contain: handbag, accessories, accessory, handbag and tote bag

Rickie De Sole, fashion executive director,

I mean this very sincerely: I love this dark blue and black Rowing sweatshirt i bought since Rowing shop this summer. At 5’3 “, I wear a size XS and find myself wearing it constantly — with jeans at the weekend, with a silk slip skirt at the office, or after a workout in leggings. A truly unexpected purchase!

A second spot is this adorable dress that I gave my daughter from the Spanish children’s clothing label La Coqueta. It gives me such a joy to dress her in this charming dress.

Image may contain: apparel, apparel, sweater and sweatshirt

Vogue sweatshirt with logo patch

La Coqueta Adelita girl’s apron dress

Alexis Bennett, commercial writer

This DIY lamination kit has kept my brows thick and full all year long, arguably the best purchase I’ve made besides my new home.

Image may contain: human, person, text, document, ID card, card, advertisement and poster

Elevate the Beauty Lash and Eyebrow Lamination Kit

Corey Seymour, senior editor

The whole Tumi / McLaren collaboration for suitcases is, quite frankly, astounding (and I’m talking about luggage here). The backpack is my new daily benchmark for commuting, but the four-wheeled carry-on is truly next-level. That it’s the perfect size is, of course, a given, but the detachable suit compartment and hanger bracket and the various entry point options and the featherweight of it all make me think about weekend flights. long just to have an excuse to use it again. (The built-in USB port and tracking program, in case this gorgeous piece is ever lost or stolen, are exceptional grace notes.)

Image may contain: luggage and suitcase

Tumi Aero International Hand luggage expandable to 4 wheels

Lilah Ramzi, Functionality and Commerce Editor

Let 2021 be known as the year I discovered the perfect red-red lipstick shade. Thanks, Gucci!

Lipstick Gucci Satin lipstick

Elise Taylor, elderly living writer

Is it cheating if I name two favorite things I bought this year? Because these ice blue Max ID glasses go perfectly with these cheerful color block napkins from Misette, and when matched, they got me many compliments from the dinner guests.

Max ID NY exclusive set of two Ghost Tumbler glasses

Image may contain: towel, rug and paper

Misette colorblock embroidered napkin set

Michella Oré, beauty assistant

This is, without a doubt, my favorite purchase of the year. Not only is the Super Puff incredibly light and warm, the short cut and glossy finish (mine I bought in black) add some polish and flair to everything I might be wearing underneath.

Image may contain: apparel, apparel, jacket, coat, sweater, hoodie, sweatshirt, human and person

Super World The Super Puff Shorty jacket

Clarissa Schmidt, commercial producer

I discovered and bought so many new products this year, choosing just one seems impossible to me! but if I had to pick the one that is sure to be a longtime favorite, I’d definitely highlight Living Proof’s Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been looking for a mild volumizing recipe for so long that this duo feels like the holy grail. I love how voluptuous and full my hair is after each wash. I can’t stop recommending it to all my friends.

Complete life-proof shampoo

Kiana Murden, writer of Beauty Commerce

I recently started using Nars Soft Matte foundation, a moisturizing yet mattifying formula that gives me both the coverage and the pore-free look I want. Packed with hyaluronic acid, microalgae extract and an antioxidant complex, this liquid foundation doesn’t move and doesn’t get excessively greasy during the day. A dream, really.


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