Commitment Breakdown: Four-star 2023 DE Kaven Call to UCF

Since George O’Leary’s time in Orlando, UCF has been one of the nation’s most feared college group football teams. Accumulating seven seasons of double-digit wins since 2007, the Knights are moving from the American Athletic Conference to the Big 12 and the best recruits are following. Head coach Gus Malzahn and teammates are capitalizing on the move to elite players such as Rivals100 defensive end Kaven Call.


Adding Call to any collegiate directory is an instant update. He is a leader and heads-up player on the field who gets the big stops when they count. Call’s Apopka team (12-3) launched six bans during the 2021 season, including Treasure Coast during the third round of the 8A Florida playoffs, limiting opposition to an average of 8.6 points per game. There is a winning mentality that Call brings with him on and off the pitch.


Calling can do it all. All that is asked of a weak side is in Call’s tool belt. The 2023 rookie can assault the passerby from either side using more than just speed or bullrush to collapse the pocket. Offenses often devote a back on Call’s side for the chip or to stay in the backfield knowing it’s only a matter of seconds before he closes on the QB. However, the teams decide to block him, Call is a force in every game he plays.

Against the rush, Call compresses the game inside or shoves it along the sidelines without leaving room for backup on the pitch. With offensive tackles so tired of his outward speed, he can blitz inside with the best of them.


The recruiting process for the Knights has no choice but to change. Regardless of who has been on the sidelines at UCF, the coaching staff have had to specifically recruit for their schemes more often than not instead of the top talent on the scoreboard signing non-devoured players from Florida, Florida State and Miami. The 2020 recruiting class was ranked 58th with no four-star prospects and 16th three-star. The loot of 2021 was more or less the same, one four-star and 13 three-star player positioned at number 54.

Still to be completed, the 2022 cycle saw a big leap in the Rivals team rankings, ranking at number 44 after the early acquisition period with one four-star and 14 three-star player. In order for the Knights to compete on the national stage against the Big 12 Power Five competition every week, the level of signed recruits from class to class needs to improve … get a verbal commitment from Call so early in the 2023 cycle text unsigned 2022 players and all the Sunshine State underclassmen on the future of the Knights program.

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