Cloth Talk: Royal Allure Set to Launch Lifestyle Brand of Fashion

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, December 24, 2021 / – With a passion for self-expression and design, founder Claude Anthony Larkins Jr has cultivated a luxury brand that ignites the essence of royalty in fashion. Royal Allure focuses on the individual mindset and what makes people feel confident, creative and uplifted through their high-end collections. Since the brand’s first development in 2009, Claude Anthony has been inspired by his righteous lifestyle and motivated to transform his values, attitudes and interests into a growing company. The art of appearances was always a top priority in his routine and he believed it was directly related to the mind and body. This belief is what sparked his desire to move from his barber business, to enter the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Clothing that represents meaning gives everyone the opportunity to be inspired and create an honorable existence in their lives. As an upscale luxury clothing boutique, the brand operates through an innovative lens that separates them from other retailers by creating original designs that allow people of all backgrounds to be unrepentant in who they truly are on this earth. Royal Allure embodies exclusive clothing and a range that allows everyone to participate in this energetic movement. Using fashion as a form of expression in a collective body, they are constantly turning to innovative looks that liberate your wardrobe and evoke positivity at every point.

When building a business that revolves around success and high-end lifestyles, Royal Allure aims to be more than just a brand. They encourage customers to uphold the name through honorable traits and evolution on a humanitarian spectrum. With time devoted to planning and directing each collection, each item is crafted with intent and a passionate mindset for a bright future ahead. This initial launch offers customers the opportunity to revamp their style by incorporating fashion that meets real standards and helps people present themselves as the best version of themselves. By giving fashion meaning by tapping into purpose, Royal Allure aims to expand its brand and continue to encourage push and vision with clothing that takes a different approach to royalty. For founder Claude Anthony, he is confident that the time and effort he has put into this launch will make a difference. It’s an opportunity to remind the royal world that anything is possible with hard work and determination. “It is imperative that in a world of visionaries and creatives, we cultivate a community of fashion dreamers who wish to write their future with confidence in who they are and what they are wearing,” she says.

For more information on Royal Allure, visit their website at and be sure to follow their social media @TheRoyalAllure.

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