Clayton Echard Gets Rejected by Salley

A night of firsts! Clayton Echard‘S Short degree Journey has already been teased as extremely shocking, but season 26 kicked off with more than one surprise during the premiere on Monday, January 3.

While the location was familiar when filming returned to the Short degree villa, protagonist of the fifth season Jesse Palmer stepped in to host for the first time. He started by introducing women, including Teddi, who is a virgin but wants to go to the fantasy suite, gabby, who hoped to “seduce” Clayton with his sense of humor and Susie, who previously lived in Japan and knows jujitsu.

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Salley, for his part, explained that he was supposed to get married that weekend, but he canceled the engagement due to “lack of trust”. She thought she was ready to move on, but after becoming an “emotional wreck,” she went to Clayton’s hotel room five hours before the limo arrived to talk to him. Clayton felt a special bond with Salley as she shared her story, so he offered her a roster. Although he wanted to accept it, he told him he was unable to, so he turned down the squad and left the show.

Clayton was disappointed with Salley’s early exit, but entered prime time with a positive attitude. He got along well with Teddi, observing as he entered the mansion, “You make me feel somehow” and wondering aloud how he would choose The One from the group. He even broke with tradition by coming in after only a few arrivals to tell the women how excited he was for them.

As usual, there were interesting entrances. Rachel asked his 63-year-old shoulder, Holly, to introduce her to Clayton, Shanae hit another competitor’s miniature car with a huge truck and Samantha rolled while sitting in a bathtub wearing a bikini.

Once inside, Clayton wasted no time testing his chemistry with women, kissing Teddi, Kira, Elisa, Cassidy and Rachel. However, not all of her relationships were that easy – Clear she announced to the other contestants that her one-on-one match with Clayton “wasn’t the mood,” noting that it was too cute for her. “I hate him,” he said at one point. Serene informed Clayton of Claire’s comments, and confronted Claire, who denied saying she hated him. However, he sent Claire home to the scene.

Clayton then turned his attention to the pink first impression. She immediately felt a spark with Teddi and said she couldn’t get her out of his mind all night, so he gave her the rose.

At the rose ceremony, Clayton sent home Daria, Hailey, Ivana, Jane, Lindsay D., Rianna and Samanta.

The bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 pm ET.

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