CISE purses are making a bold fashion and societal statement with its ‘Protect Black People’ handbags

“Protect the blacks”: three simple words that call to action. These three words are establishing themselves in society and in fashion, thanks to the founder and CEO of CISE Blake Van Putten.

Facebook / CISE

Van Putten launched CISE, a Los Angeles-based black-owned apparel company, in early 2020. But when protests erupted around the world after the murder of George Floyd, Van Putten wanted to take action by helping raise money for organizations that have focused on building a stronger community.

“I did not think about it [at first]”Van Putten told Time magazine.” I just wanted to sell off and raise money for an organization that gave back to the community. But it started spreading like wildfire.

Van Putten, who is a fashion designer, initially started by putting the slogan on the shirts, which quickly sold out. It was basically a one-man operation, mostly working out of his Los Angeles home. He was able to raise money for the Anti-Racism Fund, “an organization that redistributes donations to various institutions that directly support black communities,” according to Time.

Eventually, Van Putten was able to expand and expand to produce accessories such as face masks and bags, which proved to be incredibly popular. The brand has even added “Protect Black Women” to the fashion line. CISE products have even caught the attention of numerous celebrities, including Lizzo and Marsai Martin. Selling a wider range of products allowed the brand to donate funds to another organization: Women Exceeding, a professional development organization for women.

Bags are a perfect gift for the girl who loves new bags or even someone who travels often. Choices range from a mini-bag to a large duffel bag with a clean look that holds the three-word sentence. Whether large or small, “Protect Black People” is elegantly aligned in the center of the solid color bag.

CISE offers a variety of bags with different elements such as the material and style of the strap. Shoppers can choose a vegan leather bag or a vegan suede bag, among others. Some bags, like the PBP Vegan Leather Mini Bag, have an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, while others don’t, like the Canvas Tote Bag. CISE’s capsule collection contains the Sterlo Statement Bag, which brings a twist to “normal” fashion with its outer letter S.

Expanding from the bags, CISE card holders go along with any of their bags. “CISE” reads on the brand card holders, in a black or caramel color.

A simple and clean look is maintained with the material of the bags, as well as the other items from CISE. The brand sells casual clothing such as sweatshirts, sweaters and cargo pants.

A bag is the final touch of any outfit. Top yours with a CISE bag that holds the power. Bags provide not only a boost to trust, but a sense of community as well.

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