Christine Celebrates NYE With Kids Amid Kody Split

No one to kiss at midnight? Sisters Wives star Christine Brown celebrated New Year’s Eve 2022 with five of his children and his ex-sister wife Janelle Brownher son, playing on her first single woman’s New Year’s Eve after parting from her husband Brown codes.

“We hope the new year brings many new and exciting opportunities into our lives. Happy New Year! ”Christine, 49, captioned a photo of her with five out of six of her children – which she shares with Kody, 52 – via Instagram on Saturday Jan 1. She posed with daughter Mykelti, 25, son Paedon, 23, daughter Ysabel, 18, Truely, 11, and Aspyn, 26, as well as Janelle’s son Hunter, 24.

Courtesy of Christine Brown / Instagram

Christine’s 20-year-old daughter Gwendlyn was the only one of her children missing from the photo. The mom of six has turned off the ability for followers to leave a comment on the post, ostensibly to keep fans from weighing on her celebrations with her kids.

As fans know, the celebrations would go against her ex-husband’s strict rules during the coronavirus pandemic – and the protocol caused great tensions among the polygamous family, as shown in season 16 of their hit TV series TLC.

The Browns – which also includes Christine’s ex-sister wives Meri Brown And Robyn Brown – have experienced a split amid the pandemic as they have differing views on how best to protect their family and prevent the spread of COVID-19 among their family of 23. They haven’t come together as a family to celebrate birthdays and holidays for nine months since the US pandemic began in March 2020, with the exception of a few outdoor gatherings.

While his wives pressured him to figure out how their family could spend the 2020 holidays together, Kody printed out her guidelines to follow, which are the same rules that Robyn’s nanny follows that allows her to visit the house of. Robyn. The rules include changing clothes when returning home from errands, banning leaving visitors from the state or visitors from other families, and cleaning mail and grocery or purchased products with alcohol wipes before taking them home.

Robyn, 43, and Meri, 50, agreed with Kody’s rules, but Janelle, 52, and Christine weren’t. Christine was the most explicit about the guidelines and expressed her frustration that Kody allowed the nanny to visit Robyn’s home but not her children.

“What are the nanny and her husband doing to make sure they can come? Because when I’m home, I do exactly what I should, but my girls can’t see their siblings, “she vented in her confession in the December 26 episode.” What does the nanny do? “

It appears that Kody’s guidance for her family during the pandemic is part of the reason that led to her separation from Christine. He announced he would be leaving Kody after 27 years of marriage in November 2020.

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