Chips and no wrapping paper – How Christine McGuinness avoids Christmas meltdowns

Christine McGuinness said exclusively OK! how he makes sure that Christmas day is special for all members of his family.

In our video chat, the star, 33, explains what she and husband Paddy McGuinness, 48, do to make the day as festive as possible by making sure their children, who are all living with autism, do. enjoy the day. Watch her interview below, sign up for free, like OK! VIP.

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Since learning that her three children – twins Penelope and Leo, eight, and their younger sister Felicity, five – have autism, Christine has often shared the ways her family’s life is different.

The mother of three works hard to maintain a stable routine for her children and at Christmas, she explains, it’s important that she doesn’t get interrupted too much.

He explained: “To help our children enjoy Christmas day like everyone else, we make small changes. So, we don’t give all Christmas presents at once, we tend to do it during the day or even sometimes for a couple. of days.

“If we give them a load of gifts at once, it overwhelms them and they don’t have much fun.”

Christine McGuiness and family
Christine McGuiness has three children diagnosed with autism and said the condition doesn’t stop for Christmas

Christine added that she doesn’t even wrap gifts and discussed the benefits of having no surprises.

“I don’t wrap gifts in wrapping paper,” he told us. “I put them in bags so they can take them out as easily as a party bag.

“When they are struggling with wrapping paper they get angry and sometimes they can get quite anxious about what’s inside and if it’s in a bag, they can have a little look to see what’s inside.”

It’s been a huge year for the model, who recently received her autism diagnosis.

Christine’s visit to an autism specialist came after she admitted she noticed many similarities between her and her children, including her food preferences.

When it comes to dining on December 25, the family skips a full traditional Christmas meal in favor of some of their favorite dishes.

Christine revealed that they love a quiet Christmas and will spend the day with her husband Paddy and her three children
Christine revealed that they love a quiet Christmas and will spend the day with her children and husband Paddy

Christine shared: “With Christmas dinner, I would never expect my kids to eat a Christmas dinner, I wouldn’t eat a Christmas dinner.

“I’ve never really eaten anything green – all my food is beige. So there’s a lot of carbs for my Christmas dinner! His Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes.”

And for the kids, there is chicken and chips on the menu.

The star added: “With my kids, I always offer them their favorite meal, chicken nuggets and chips. It’s Christmas day and autism doesn’t stop at Christmas, so I want them to be happy too.”


Christine was recently commended for speaking out publicly about how having autism makes eye contact more difficult for her.

When she appeared in Strictly The Real Full Monty, viewers saw Christine struggle with learning the moves during rehearsal.

Confiding in James Jordan, she explained: “So, I’m actually autistic and eye contact is one of the things I really struggle with. I find it really, really difficult and that’s why.

“And I don’t want to give the impression of being difficult. It’s because I’m autistic. “

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