China’s Olympics – Staff Message of the Day

This coming weekend China has once again the privilege of showing its power and prestige by hosting an Olympics.

Due to Covid, NBC will not send their announcers to China and viewers will be limited to government approval. Basically, games are a propaganda showcase but without the thin veil of sports journalism.

But in this case it is worse. The corrupt International Olympic Committee is helping a country actively participating in the genocide with the treatment of Muslim Uyghurs. A country committed to suppressing free speech, check out Hong Kong and a country responsible for the Covid pandemic.

Even with glaring human rights issues and patently questionable actions, like a high-level Chinese tennis player who goes missing after accusing a Chinese official of sexual assault, the IOC and NBC refuse to take a financial hit and take a stand.

So now it’s up to the Americans to express their displeasure with China. Hopefully, the assessments will show that Americans will not tolerate tyranny.

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