Chicago’s winter officially arrives in record-setting fashion; Still no measurable snow

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Tuesday at 9:58 am marked the arrival of winter, and with it came a meteorological record.

Barring an unexpected snowfall later Tuesday, Chicago has had the longest period in the cold season, since records began to be recorded in 1871, with no measurable snow. The previous record was from 2012.

And forecasters say there is still no snow in sight.

“We’ll be pretty warm here over the Christmas holidays,” said Kevin Birk, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

Measurable snow is defined as at least one-tenth of an inch and so far that amount has not fallen at O’Hare International Airport, where Chicago weather data is recorded.

For the first day of winter the maximum temperature was 40 degrees. According to Birk, a cold front was expected to sweep the area with gusts of wind at around 35 mph, which will make the air cooler.

Wednesday’s high will be in the lower 30s and Thursdays will be highs in the lower 40s with a small chance of freezing drizzle, Birk said.

“We’ll be pretty warm here over the Christmas holidays,” Birk said.

He predicts that the weather will be around 50 degrees with a chance of rain on Christmas Eve.

“It will just be too hot for the snow,” Birk said.

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