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Positively influencing the diaspora through fashion, supermodel Nini Amerlise has worked her way up to earn the honor of Breakout Model of the Year 2021 at the Ghana Model Awards.

This was just the icing on the cake for Amerlise, who is also celebrating her homecoming to Ghana. She explains to Sunday lifestyle, “My father is Ashanti from Ghana and my mother was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Having finally visited Ghana was a dream come true as I had many unanswered questions about my family lineage as I grew up in a single parent home due to disconnection with my father and his death when I was only 13 years old. ”

The experience of returning home to Ghana, he says, has produced a long-awaited closure and recovery from a troubled past. In April last year, she was invited to Nigeria by the Supernatural Life Center for ministry and outreach. Six months later, she was invited to Ghana by the founder of the Ghana Models Awards to be the face of the organization. It was an honor and a blessing to accept that post.

He brought with him his entrepreneurial venture and his creative agency, NA Management. Additionally, the supermodel went on press tours throughout her new home alongside her boyfriend, an award-winning recording artist. While they were there, they registered a subdivision of the non-profit organization called We Are Royal Incorporated. This mission is to develop self-esteem and confidence in young people through education, storytelling and the arts.

After reconnecting with her longtime friend Sparkzuta, the founder of Ghana’s Next Supermodel, she took the opportunity to develop young aspiring models on her professional platform. He recalled an enlightening encounter he had with last year’s contest winner, Mary Animpong, “She was thrilled to finally meet me in person as I was one of the contest judges and she called me her inspiration and role model.”

Having the ability to empower young people and young role models is all Amerlise could ever ask for. “Helping them navigate their sense of identity, capacity and grandeur that it incubates from within waiting to shine at the appointed time gives me purpose. Life is paying forward for generations to come ”.

Being the face was pretty amazing, so imagine her surprise when on the night of the Ghana Models Awards ceremony in September last year, she was awarded the “Breakout Model of the Year” award.

“It is a great honor to receive an honorary award like this. Humiliation only speaks to a certain extent! The fact that I have lives that need to hear my story and receive mentoring is an indication of the purpose God has given me. This life is completely intertwined with the destinies of many around the world. Our job as human beings is to use everything we have, be it our platforms, our influence and who we are as individuals, to make our mark wherever we go, ”stated the Canadian-Jamaican model.

During her acceptance speech, she talked about overcoming self-esteem and identity issues through her faith in Jesus Christ. Undergoing years of bullying and domestic abuse, she grew up embracing her uniqueness and embarked on her quest for destiny and excellence. It is because of these difficulties that she is so passionate about helping others put themselves in the spotlight and understand that royalty is their birthright.

“We should refrain from using words like ‘diaper’ and ‘frizzy’ to describe our natural hair texture with all its beautiful locks, curls and waves as those were words to degrade our gorgeous hair type given by slave masters. many years ago. We should embrace our body shape. Knowing your self-worth is one of the greatest currencies you can have as it is accompanied by self-love and loving yourself comes from loving the creator and how he created you. Which means you can love freely without expecting anything in return.

Despite the recent wave of new faces on the fashion scene, West African models are still judged by European beauty standards. This affects their exposure in modern media. Having diversity on media platforms, according to the lawyer, produces equality and unity among all nations, so it’s trying to bring about that change. Its ultimate goal is to build a stable generation in mental health, share life-changing stories, and leave a legacy of greatness for those who follow. She also aspires to explore more of her creative gifts with music, design, dance, and hopefully land bigger acting roles.

“Modeling has always been my tool to reach and connect with the global audience as everyone relates in one way or another to creativity, fashion and the media. My goal is to diversify, unify and evoke self-love to reconcile those who have faced rejection in the fashion and media domain to help restore what is true beauty through creator lens, ”added Amerlise.

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