Censoring Joe Rogan – Staff Message of the Day

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan is still ruffling the feathers of those who have decided for the public that there is only one acceptable way to behave in the Covid era.

Although Rogan has said multiple times that he is not anti-vaccine, he has advised people to listen to their doctors and has had experts in his program – including CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta – that doesn’t seem to be enough for some people who are now going. by his employer in an attempt to censor him.

Rogan’s podcasts are mostly freehand discussions with his friends and guests about their lives, tracing the current events.

So it’s no surprise that, like we’ve all tried to cope with the pandemic, Rogan did too.

So what’s the problem here?The problem is, there are some people who are using Covid to promote a selfish agenda. This is what really damages the severity of the virus and the country.

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