Bryan Tanaka ‘Uncomfortable’ With Mariah Carey’s Spending

But the “We Belong Together” singer, who showered her boyfriend with a pile of luxurious Christmas presents this year, “thinks nothing is too good for her man, and she’ll keep showering him with presents,” says. the friend. “Bryan didn’t know this is what he signed up for when he joined Mariah, but if he makes … Read more

Kate Middleton’s most iconic looks from student to stylish Duchess as she turns 40

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Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Everything We Know

It’s almost here! The Beijing 2022 Olympics will begin in February, just six months after the Tokyo Games concluded. The Winter and Summer Games are traditionally separated by two years, with the Summer Olympics taking place every four years. However, things are different for the 2022 games based on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. After the … Read more

How Kate Middleton Is Preparing for Her Life as Queen

One that comes with Rather strong promotion. Seen for years in certain circles such as Prince WilliamThe sweet and kind college sweetheart who set her sights on the young royal long before they crossed paths in their freshman dormitory has long since eliminated that tired narrative. More than a decade after he officially accepted his … Read more

Kate at 40 ‘prefers no make-up, Pringles, red wine and good TV’, experts say

Locals walking their dogs along a Norfolk beach in August just took a second look at the small sailboat gliding offshore. Those who have looked a little closer may have noticed a man and three small children being shown on the ropes by an experienced sailor. But only a handful of people actually recognized the … Read more

Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Partners That Stayed Good Friends

From the ballroom a The real world! Many from dancing with the Stars‘celebrity contestants and their professional partners developed strong bonds and friendships throughout the process. Months – And Also years – after their seasonS. concluded, many of these former couples have continued to be good friends with their former dance partner. Four years after … Read more

Remember This? Relive the Wildest Moments in Golden Globes History

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