Carrie Goes Kooky in Episode 4

The first two episodes of That’s it… offered a relatively satisfying update on Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, as well as introductions to potential Samantha Seema replacements, Lisa, Nya, and Che. Now that we’ve got our bearings, it’s time to start deciphering the remaining mystery: what the hell is going on with Carrie’s wardrobe, which is no longer in the hands of legendary costume designer Patricia Field. We already know the cast and crew filmed fake scenes to keep fans from the smell — the bird on the head was a yellow canary — but some of Carrie’s more extravagant looks turned out to be the real deal. See where they fit into episode 4, aka spoiler ahead, here.

New found friends Charlotte and Lisa (aka LTW) clearly share a love for big tops. The former is happy when her idol agrees to come to dinner, then horrified when the rest of the guest list comes to mind. And just like that, Charlotte realizes that her group of friends is entirely white.

Charlotte just pinned a symbolic black friend (who isn’t actually a friend at all) over dinner when Lisa informs her that she can’t make it after all. At least Charlotte can say she matched LTW’s color palette.

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Meet Seema (Sarita Choudhury), a high-powered real estate agent who is dressed just like the put-together savior that Carrie is looking for in her quest to sell the apartment. She paired her Fendi suit with Valentino accessories, most notably a studded quilted bag that she keeps with her waist.

Carrie appears to be on a Norma Kamali vintage football. Unexpectedly pull out this rainbow checkered blazer to complement what already felt like a loud ensemble next to Seema as they step out. Speaking of unexpected events: he soon asks Seema – gasp! – a cigarette. Luckily there’s no Aidan in sight.

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

With a very Carrie move, the newly minted podcaster heads to the deli for coffee in a giant tulle skirt with Chanel boots.

Even if we tremble at the thought of what? Sex and city-was Carrie would have thought about how her beloved Fendi baguette dressed: on top of yet another cotton bag.

Seema fits right in right away, wearing a Miranda-style American-style jumpsuit and drinking Cosmopolitan.

A closer look at what turns out to be an asymmetrical Esenshel hat, worn with Marlo Laz jewelry.

Carrie is completely eccentric when she surprises Seema with sushi. Things turn sour when Seema reveals she broke a framed photo of Carrie and Big, but after a heart-to-heart and some amberjack, all is well. (At least, everything except the wardrobe department.)

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