Carlos Cordeiro wants to be President of U.S. Soccer again

Carlos Cordeiro still? I do not believe.
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If ever there was an organization that embodies “one step forward, slip into your own vomit and fall back”, it’s US Soccer because it never seems to get everything running smoothly at the same time.

While it has mostly been an encouraging year on the part of men – with the turnover of an incredibly young and exciting list – there is still the wage dispute to be resolved by women. There was also exposure of US Soccer’s complete reluctance, or inability, or both, to do anything about the abuse that was rampant through the NWSL at the time it controlled it.

So maybe it’s not the best time to go named Carlos Cordeiro again for the president, who happens to be the idiot who handled things when relations with the USWNT really fell apart, and was also in charge when US Soccer didn’t bother to investigate Paul Riley or other coaches that they were making the NWSL a toxic and dangerous workplace.

But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Lamb announced his candidacy for the spring election of a new president of US Soccer, a position currently held by Cindy Parlow Cone, who replaced Cordeiro when she had to resign in disgrace.

And his that resignation in disgrace that would have made almost everyone think that Cordeiro was too radioactive to run again. Things got really bad between the federation and the USWNT when US Soccer documents argued that the women’s team was not as skilled or did not require the speed and strength of the men’s team and therefore should not be paid equally, among the highlights. Although Cordeiro did not personally write the documents, he is the one responsible and suffered the blow. And American football was better off without him.

The timing is particularly irritating, as the USWNT’s plea for part of their cause also comes in the spring. The perspective of re-electing the man who tore the wound into a deep one is nothing short of extinguished. And the sponsors are definitely watching closely. Which you would think would rule out Cordeiro’s candidacy from the jump.

So what is the impetus behind those who appoint Cordeiro? It would seem to be what it always is, and these are the people trying to keep their fiefdoms. Cone Parlow adopted the Empowering Olympic, Paralympic, and Amatueur Athlete Act, which is designed to prevent atrocities like Larry Nassar in the end. But it increases the representation of athletes on the scoreboard from 20% to 33%, and there are those in US Soccer who fear that the players themselves will start directing the direction of US Soccer. The horror, the horror.

Cordeiro’s website makes no mention of changing this, if even possible, but it is what it is ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle reported.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, there seem to be fears in American football that Parlow Cone has not put in enough effort to prepare or promote the upcoming 2026 World Cup, which is right on these shores. It could easily be argued that still in the midst of a pandemic, and with the USWNT dispute to settle, there is more than enough in his pot before hitting a tournament four years later.

Another concern, based on what Cordeiro addresses on his campaign website, is that some US Soccer members feel they have been left out of big decisions, such as close the Development Academy. Or that the United States has not offered to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup, nor has it presented a candidate for the FIFA Executive Council.

You have to read between the lines a bit, and those pushing for Cordeiro must think that he will keep things as they have been, or were, in the past. Which has helped make American football the chaos it has been for so long. The whole thing reeks of those further down the chain trying to put a death grip on what little they still control.

However, it’s hard to see how Cordeiro can win again if major sponsors are already reaching the ejection button should he be elected. The fact that he is here is already bad for American football.


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