‘Cancer Be Glammed’ co-founder shares holiday fashion tips for cancer warriors

EL PASO, Texas – Trying to celebrate the holidays can be difficult for cancer patients. Lisa Lurie, co-founder of “Cancer Be Glammed” and cancer survivor, understands how hair loss, swelling, sensitive skin and other side effects of treatment can leave cancer patients restless about seeing family and friends. when they don’t feel their best. Lisa appeared on ABC-7 at Four Wednesday to share some tips on how women with cancer can transform comfortable, treatment-friendly clothes into elevated vacation looks.

“When I was coping with cancer, it was often quite difficult to take a shower let alone get dressed for a special occasion or holiday event,” Lurie says. “Yet at the same time when I added something extra to my dress or dressed in clothes or colors that I loved, I felt and looked better.”

Fashionistas often throw around the phrase “Effortless Chic”. With an emphasis on simplicity, here are some simple style tips for your vacation:

Recovering from surgery or coping with the side effects of treatment can be tough on the skin and impact appearance leaving women pale and tight. Choose dresses with colors that warm skin tones and add richness to an outfit. Jewel tones are a perfect choice. These colors, named after precious stones, are deeply saturated. Dress in emerald green, ruby ​​red, sapphire blue, amethyst purple or citrine yellow. If you are a fan of gray, navy blue or brown, select darker color shades than lighter ones. Lighter colors can make skin appear faded.

The choice of fabric is an important part of any outfit. Lurie believes you should never sacrifice comfort for style. “Any fabric that touches your skin should be non-irritating, breathable and soft. Made with natural fibers – velvet, soft lace, silk, 100% cotton, linen or bamboo are style favorites. Avoid garments made with synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. Some types of wool can be itchy. “

Lurie says the holidays are about celebrations. Dig deep into your closet and bring out sequins, sparkles, faux fur and bling, “she explains.” Experiment with different looks to wear that make you feel happy and festive. I recommend putting together some outfits with pieces that mix and match, which can be worn for any holiday occasion. Prepare in advance when you feel like it to avoid last-minute chaos and stress. “

You can find out more by going to Lurie’s “Cancer Be Glammed” by visiting http://cancerbeglammed.com.

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