Can Donald Trump Mount a Comeback? – Bill’s Message of the Day

EDITOR’S NOTE: As the year draws to a close, we’re revisiting some of O’Reilly’s best columns of 2021. Here’s one from January in which O’Reilly predicts Joe Biden’s liberal policies will fail and asks if Donald Trump could arrange a comeback? Make sure you’re subscribed to O’Reilly’s weekly email newsletter – click here to subscribe.

From 24 January 2021:

The “Turtle” snapped. Powerful Senator Mitch McConnell, aka the Turtle, is not opposed to President Trump’s impeachment trial, signaling that the two men are no longer “happy together.” If you don’t understand that reference, shame on!

There is no doubt that the traditional leaders of the Republican Party no longer want to have anything to do with Donald Trump. However, they have a problem because so many Americans continue to support him and believe he is being treated unfairly by the establishment.

So the turtle and other GOP power brokers should be very careful if they want to keep power. President Trump is not a man to be easily liquidated.

The road back to authority for Trump is paved by only one person: Joe Biden. And I’m not talking about running for president again, which is a tall order, but not impossible, for Donald Trump.

No, I’m talking about political influence and credibility.

The conniving Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer understand well that President Trump will keep “the power of the people”, just as Barack Obama did when he left office. Here’s what’s driving this absurd second impeachment that may be worse than the first farce.

Donald Trump encouraged Americans to protest the election results. Absolutely yes, he did. But he never even contemplated the violence that took place on January 6. Maybe he should have. But a miscalculation, even when it is drastic, is not a detachable offense for a president. If it were, most of our CEOs would have been impeached. Or am I wrong?

Therefore, the latest impeachment is designed for one thing only: to end Trump forever in the political arena.

At this point, the odds are that Mr. Trump will not be convicted. Schumer needs sixteen Republican senators to support the Democrats. Some like Mitt Romney are drooling to write off Trump. But most are not.

Now let’s go back to President Biden. Clever play would have been for him to discourage impeachment in the name of national unity.

Instead, Biden did his best imitation of Pontius Pilate and stepped aside. Are you surprised? It would take some courage to go up against the screaming crowd on the left.

Somewhere Barabbas is smiling.

The excessive reach of the Democrats and their media allies has only just begun, and this is where Donald Trump could benefit from it.

First, the culture of cancellation. This deplorable trend is the exclusive property of the left. The cruelty and injustice of effort is evident to any decent person. The more traction the cancellation thugs get, the greater the anti-liberal backlash.

Immigration. Soon the southern border will be under siege again as President Biden is sending open border signals. The coming chaos will anger many Americans.

And finally the economy. Gas prices are already rising because oil companies know Biden will try to hurt them. So the energy moguls are hoarding cash. Higher gas prices will harm workers.

I could list many more examples, but here’s the title. If President Biden’s liberal policies fail, and that’s almost a given, the Americans will be looking for someone to stop the madness.

And it won’t be the Turtle.

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