BTS LA Tour Fashion 2021

Wherever BTS go, they will leave a trail of broken records and sold out fashion items in their wake. It’s inevitable – just look at the frenzy that followed Seoul’s idols as they traveled to America for their record-breaking Permission to Dance mini-tour in Los Angeles. By the time the confetti settled, the global superstars had sold 214,000 tickets, earning $ 33.3 million for the four-night ride and injecting roughly $ 100 million into the Los Angeles economy (thanks to their legion of fans, ARMY, who crowded the city from all corners of the world).

And they seemed to fly to death in doing so.

From award shows and performances to (well-deserved) days off, Bangtan’s short residency in Los Angeles was a parade of tailoring services. Let’s relive that glorious ride in Los Angeles and the sheer joy of fashion that BTS gave us.

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