Brittany Snow Gushes Over ‘Rare’ Bond With ‘Pitch Perfect’ Costars

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An enduring sisterhood! After working together in the 2012 comedy and its two sequelsBrittany snow and she Pitch perfect costar developed a special friendship it lasted ups and downs of life.

“We have seen ourselves grow so much over such a long period of time, but also because so many different things have happened to us: we got married, we got divorced, we went through struggles, we had ups and downs and we really changed and we grew up in women “, the John Tucker must die star, 35, told exclusively Us Weekly Thursday 9 December while promoting his September Letters program with the co-founder Jaspre guest. “I think when you go into this kind of thing with people, you bond in a way.”

Snow continued: “We don’t take it lightly and call each other for our bullshit, and we’re like family. So it’s really rare to find people [who become] so special to you and hold on. “

While the former co-stars – including Anna Kendrick, Rebellious Wilson, Chrissie Fit And Anna Camp – we haven’t filmed a project together since Perfect pace 3 in 2017, Snow said she was ready for another sequel.

“I think we all would [do it],” the Almost Family alum said We. “I really think we would all do it because, you know, doing something to be in one place for three or four months with your best friends, dancing and singing, can’t be bad.”

The someone great even the actress could not help but gush Wilson, 41, as the The recent weight loss and body transformation of an Australian native continues to amaze fans.

“I mean, she’s always been an inspiration,” added the Florida native. “And what I love about her journey is that she didn’t do it for any other reason than to just want to, you know, be as powerful as possible – and she’s so powerful.”

Brittany Snow springs from a rare bond with perfect Costars we've seen ourselves grow up

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Friends in solidarity have long since turned their backs on each other. The 36 years old In the wood star, for its part, previously revealed that the Barden Wellmany of which also served as Snow’s bridesmaids during her March 2020 wedding in Tyler Stanland – had a group chat running.

“Someone will perform [and they’ll text], or sometimes it’s just going to be, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ ”Kendrick exclusively said We in November 2019. “Either a little bit of gossip or, ‘Have you seen this?’ Is very cute.”

In the midst of his busy schedule, Snow has been working on the launch the September Letters online platform with Guest. The program aims to raise mental health awareness and support for those who need it by writing custom notes. The co-founders – who are also ready to to publish a companion book on the program and its benefits – collaborated with Post-Its for an engaging pop-up letter writing experience during the holiday season, allowing people to smoothly walk away messages for loved ones or Santa Claus via the Post-It Wall.

“So we have some really cool mailboxes, obviously one for Santa, but also letters to yourself and letters to others,” explained the founder of Happy Noise. “There will be a wall of post-its with different statements and sayings, which is really cool. And then we have these letter writing stations for people just to joke around and write letters and notes. This has literally been, like, our # 1 dream since our first launch, so it’s really overwhelming to see it come to life.

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