British boxing is packed with exciting fighters but which talent will seize the spotlight next year? | Boxing News

British boxing has enjoyed another successful year, but which talent should we look out for in 2022? The panel of experts has selected exciting contenders …

Adam Smith

Adam Azim. I’ve known Adam for the past few months and he’s incredibly talented. In Hassan, he has a brother who will go with him, and he has a world-class coach in Shane McGuigan, who believes Adam is the best talent he has ever seen.

He is young, he has a good family around and already a great support. I like it as a complete package and am happy he will fight on the Amir Khan vs Kell Brook show. Beware of Adam!

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Caroline Dubois will soon begin her professional career

Can’t wait to see Caroline Dubois develop. It has so many capabilities. Caroline comes from the same McGuigan gym as Adam, is young and has a great past as a member of a fighter family with older brother Daniel.

If I were to pick a talent from another promotional stable then I also believe Jordan Thompson is one of boxing’s best kept secrets. I think he will make great progress in the heavyweight and maybe even one day in the heavyweight.

Matthew Macklin

There are some real talents out there right now and it’s really hard to spot one.

Adam Azim has all the qualities needed to become a successful star. There is the skill and then there is the marketability. If you want to be a star, you need both.

He’s a handsome guy, athletic, has a flashy style. We haven’t seen enough to say how good we think Adam is, but we know he won a lot as an amateur. People in the pro game say, “Trust me, this guy is the real deal.” Has some weight, right?

Dennis McCann is another really exciting talent and Hopey Price is one of them too. These guys still have a few years from their development before aiming for major titles.

Johnny nelson

I’ll say Conor Benn. I think Conor will become a world champion, despite having received the same criticism as his father. Conor Benn is an exciting talent, he always has been.

But if you look out Conor Benn at British talent, not necessarily young, then I’d say Anthony Yarde.

Anthony had to take his licks. He lost to Sergey Kovalev and was criticized for not being able to change his game plan and for not being able to change things in the first fight against Lyndon Arthur.

You can see that the experience of these fights had gained him in Arthur’s rematch. Sometimes in the fighting game, you have to face adversity to become a better fighter.

George Groves

I saw Adam Azim work out in the gym as a kid and most recently saw his second fight. It reminded me a lot of the first time I saw Josh Taylor fight in Las Vegas in Carl Frampton’s undercard against Leo Santa Cruz. Josh had so much composure and skill, and I saw the same in Azim last month.

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Adam Azim’s brother Hassan landed a massive KO in the first minute of his debut

Adam is only two fights in his career and the guy in front of him was lower levels, but he already looks composed and a well-rounded pro. This shows that he has a great boxing brain to start with and that he will only get better.

He’s in a big gym with a lot of winners. Lawrence Okolie, a world champion, Chris Billam-Smith, a European champion and some good prospects, as well as his brother Hassan. I can’t wait to see his progression over the next two years.

Natasha Jonas

I’m going with Adam Azim. I talked to Luke Campbell about him, because he used Adam as a sparring partner for the bout with Ryan Garcia, and he said that Adam is brilliant. Obviously his coach Shane McGuigan has already said that he is the best person he has ever coached.

I remember him as an amateur. Adam has won many credentials there. It will be interesting to watch, because sometimes you have a brilliant amateur who doesn’t light up the world like a pro, like Frankie Gavin and Tom Stalker. But you also get hidden gems from time to time.

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Amir Khan is confident that Adam and Hassan Azim will follow in his footsteps

Carl Froch

Adam Azim has flashy skills, is exciting, and is eager to entertain. I love. Boxing is an entertainment activity and you really need to put on a show.

With Adam’s flamboyant style that’s fine at the current level he’s at, but once you start stepping forward and the guys can take your power, then that’s when we’ll find out more about him. It will be really interesting to see him climb the rankings. This is when the big questions will be answered.

Dave Coldwell

Conor Benn. He’s one of those guys who when you fire up pre-meeting interviews, he’s so passionate about what he’s doing and the belief he has in himself.

When Conor steps into the ring, he’s really funny, he wants to tear his opponents apart, but now he’s adding a boxing brain behind it.

Of all the young prospects coming up, I think Hopey Price is exceptional. He had three fights in 2021. The last two were within a month. One was against a 5-0 Italian prospect, while the other was against a local rival 16-1 in his hometown. He was great in both.

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