Billie Eilish Hosts ‘SNL’ With Christmas Sketches: Watch

Doing double duty! Billie Eilish returned to Live Saturday night soundstage both as a guest and as a musical guest, sharing his love for the holiday season.

“Hi how are you? I’m so excited to be here. My name is Billie Eilish, if you don’t know me by my music, you might know me by my hair or my clothes,” began Eilish, 19. SNL monologue during the episode on Saturday 11 December. “That’s why I decided to dress like Mrs. Claus who goes to the club, but actually no, I only wear this because, after the show, I have to get married in an anime.”

After explaining her red and white dress, the teenage musician marveled at her debut as a guest on the variety series.

“It’s so special to host in December, not only do I love Christmas – and oh my God, it’s so beautiful here at Christmas – but my birthday is a week from now,” she added. “I’m turning 20, or whatever the Internet likes to call it: middle-aged. I’m actually really excited about getting old because, right now, I’m starting to understand who I really am as a person. The scary thing about growing up in the public eye is that people decide that everything you say, do and look like is who you are forever. It’s not right. Would you like to be judged by the way you presented yourself at 16? “

After making fun of the cast member Colin Jostthe photo from the high school yearbook and being his mother’s second favorite child (behind brother Finneas), Eilish took part in a series of holiday-themed sketches about a hip-hop nativity scene, a song about meeting Santa and a commercial parody of “Lonely Christmas”. A fourth sketch also required the help of Miley Cyrus for a brief cameo on elaborate greeting cards.

“What better way to remind you that I met a celebrity in a restaurant 11 months ago than with my Christmas card?” cast member Punkie Johnson jokingly teased, while posing with the “Wrecking Ball” singer, 29.

The Last song the star, for her part, joked: “This woman came to my table and said, ‘You’re Hannah Montana’, and then said she hated my music. He asked for a photo and implied that if I didn’t take it, it was because I was a racist. “

After previously performing on the NBC series in September 2019, the “Bad Guy” singer made her guest debut during Saturday’s episode.

Billie Eilish NBC

The Grammy winner had been making fun of her comedy appearance all week via social media.

“SNL! SEE YOU ON SATURDAY?“, he captioned the Instagram footage of his episodic promo with Kate McKinnon, who jokingly gave her a warning about a “great secret about the world”.

News of the musician’s hosting concert was first announced in November, shortly before SNL took a multi-week hiatus midway through season 47.

“AHHHHHH !!! I HOST AND RUN ON SNL !!! CRAAAAZY I COULD SCREAM! @nbcsnl on December 11th !! I’ll see you!!?”, The California native captioned an Instagram post at the time.

Many fans quickly started freaking out over Eilish’s expanding resume, including fellow teenage musician Olivia rodrigo.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU ARE THE MOST FANTASTIC”, the The driver’s license singer, 18, replied in November.

The beauty entrepreneur, who launched her debut perfume earlier this year, is certainly not the first performer to do the double duty in the sketch series. Stars including the likes of Harry Styles, Nick Jonas, Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake they also had this honor.

Eilish, for her part, recently celebrated her release Happier than ever record, which was nominated for seven Grammys last month.

“The funny thing is that I didn’t feel any pressure to make the album. I wasn’t worried; I was super confident, “the” Bellyache “lead singer opened up to NPR about the record in August. I didn’t even change into something else, I grew up. I thought it was really good. That was when I started releasing music from the album, releasing singles, which all of a sudden I was like, ‘Wait.’ It is just for me that I like and like true fans. That’s all I’m interested in. “

The “Ocean Eyes” performer told the outlet that he wanted a strong, easy-to-pronounce title for his second record before choosing “Happier Than Ever” after one of the “most important songs” he has ever written.

“Do you ever want to say something to someone for a long time? You don’t really know what you mean or how to say it – and then, maybe you have a conversation with someone else, or think about it for a while, and understand what you’ve been trying to say all this time? That’s how I felt, “Eilish recalled.” That was the whole writing process, that was the recording process. Everything involved in this song felt like it feels when you finally find the words for something. ” .

Live Saturday night airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 PM ET.

To find out more, watch the video above!

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