Bill Belichick elaborates on New Year’s resolutions in classic fashion

Those looking for New Year’s resolutions from New England Patriots manager Bill Belichick were once again disappointed on Friday.

On Sunday, Juliet Pennington of the Boston Globe asked Belichick what her New Year’s resolutions were. Basically, he told her to ask him the question again next week. She did just that, and this time the coach gave her a bit more of an answer as transcribed by Jenna Lemoncelli of New York Post.

As the calendar moves to 2022, Belichick has proven that he is still the master at answering, without revealing too much information. Belichick chose to keep things close to the vest.

“They’d all be personal, so they probably wouldn’t mean anything to you anyway,” Belichick said.

As the Patriots prepare to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bill Belichick’s New Year’s resolutions will still remain a mystery.


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